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Yellow Zebra Safaris

Adido transformed Yellow Zebra Safaris' brand identity to reflect its luxurious offering through branded digital assets, ensuring consistency throughout the business's marketing communications.

The Project

The Challenge

Yellow Zebra Safaris specialises in high-end luxury safaris in Africa. With an audience who want to get the most out of their safari adventure, Yellow Zebra Safaris really come into their own as a number of their team are former rangers, bringing a wealth of knowledge about each area and the best places to experience Africa with them.

Yellow Zebra Safaris' audience is seeking an operator they can trust, reinforcing the importance of brand positioning within the travel sector. Our challenge was to create a brand that Yellow Zebra Safaris could be proud of and that would resonate with their audience at all levels.


Our first task was to fully define the target market and understand the marketplace. Questionnaires established the target market’s expectations of a web-based travel company and helped identify any reoccurring themes, opinions, wants and needs of the audience.

With an in-depth knowledge of the audiences’ expectations, we devised a strategy that would provide the look and feel of the brand, as well as creating a brand experience and user journey to surpass their expectations. Knowing what the audience wanted to see on the site - including the information they would need to facilitate their dream holiday booking - meant we could create the brand that the audience were after.

The website was designed with wireframes to illustrate the site's features such as the search by holiday type function and advice on when to go. Once the site was launched further content was added to enhance the user's experience and knowledge to make an informed decision.


With a defined strategy in place, we set about bringing the brand to life, working closely with Yellow Zebra Safaris every step of the way to establish the messaging, proposition and essense of the brand. The branding project included the following:

• Development of all elements associated with a brand identity, including a logo, colour palette, tone of voice, typography and font usage, copy rules and imagery strategy

• Translating the brand into a comprehensive set of guidelines, used to create unified marketing collateral and a new website

• A website optimisation tool was also used, sending traffic to pages with different designs to determine the best design for users to interact with the site & convert

Creativity was the key component to success when building the Yellow Zebra Safari brand, as well as adapting to the needs of the audience and surpassing the expectations of the client.



YOY growth in visitors to the website


Increase in online enquiry submissions


Increase in phone calls after viewing the website


Increase in brochure requests


To celebrate the launch of a new range of green tea and fruit & herbal infusions, Dorset Tea needed a new website to engage with online users and showcase the new rebranding work.

How we did it

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