We built a platform to handle scale without compromising on performance


less data stored

Database tables cut down from 8,000 to 46.


faster content publishing

Content published instantly on all sites with no duplication.


website uptime

Stability was greatly improved with hosting that can scales on demand.

A bespoke multisite solution made for growth

The solution was a bespoke Laravel platform hosted on AWS with media assets served through CloudFront. The site administrators can now create and publish a new franchisee microsite within a couple of minutes, without developer intervention. No site content is ever duplicated and everything is kept in one place, meaning the speed and performance would remain consistent whether they had 1 site or 1000.

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User centric designs for all their websites


Google PageSpeed score



Google PageSpeed score is a metric that Google uses to measure page speed and performance which influences the rankings. And who wants a slow site anyway?

Did you know?

According to sources (Travolution and Econsultancy) - travel websites are often “seven times slower than recommended” and are some of the worst performing websites on the internet. This is definitely no longer the case for NJT.

Not Just Travel website image

Time to first byte


This has reduced from an average of 1.52 seconds in 2018 to 0.17 seconds, a reduction of 88% and a phenomenal result.

Average page download


This has reduced from 0.63 seconds to 0.06 seconds, a reduction of 90%.

Average page load time


This has reduced by around 60% (down from ~6 seconds to 2 seconds)

A better experience

  • 660%

    increase in total traffic

  • Over 1,500%

    increase in unique page views

  • Over 15%

    increase in total traffic

“One of the best things about Adido is they deliver stuff before you even know you want it”

Steve Witt

Managing Director - Not Just Travel

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