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What we’re talking about

It's good to share. Our team is bursting with ideas and opinions; wander through our latest musings.

What's caught our attention lately - September

In a world cluttered with marketing messages and advertising slogans, it takes something really special to catch your eye and make you pay attention. We look back over the last month to share what's caught our attention.

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Audience led marketing: The usefulness of customer personas

A persona is a fictional character created through insight of a key segment of your audience. For content marketing they are essential to ensure that you are creating great content that will be pertinent and valuable to your audience.

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Reasons to 'Reasons To'

What happens when the two most unlikely people in a digital agency become the benefactor of two tickets to 'Reasons To', a design, code and create conference in Brighton?

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How to create a Facebook Business Manager account

Getting your Facebook set up for the team or to work with an agency can be a little complicated but it is certainly worth doing from the start. Adido has put together this handy little guide to take you through the process and hopefully help answer questions you may have as you embark on this fiddly, but essential piece of housekeeping.

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For the Record: Interviews with the creative industry

With the Bournemouth creative industry rapidly becoming renowned for its hotbed of talent Adido was delighted to be featured in the recently released For the Record.

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Do's and Dont's of Website Migration SEO

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when launching a new website. A change to a website’s structure, if done incorrectly, can damage search visibility and cause a loss in traffic. Certain kinds of issues can render your website invisible to the search engines, making it less likely to rank well and provide a great user experience. We've collated a list of the most important considerations when migrating your website.

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What they're talking about

We've curated some of the brightest and best articles that have caught our attention, explore the latest news from across the web.

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The Christmas Countdown

The Christmas Countdown

Make your marketing merry! With the festive season rapidly approaching we've curated the best strategic advice to ensure that you're business is ready for the yuletide rush. Our Attention: The Christmas Countdown event delivered a masterclass in Xmas activity, but if you missed it fear not, here are 25 pieces of merriment conveniently placed on our strategy advent calendar.

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