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What we’re talking about

It's good to share. Our team is bursting with ideas and opinions; wander through our latest musings.

What's caught our attention lately - October

Taking inspiration from outstanding marketing campaigns and break through ideas within the industry is something that gets our brains ticking and lights a fire in our bellies, so it’s only right that we share some of the most attention grabbing campaigns we’ve seen in the past month with our audience!

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5 Killer Twitter Tailored Audience Strategies

Find out how to set up Twitter tailored audiences with 5 killer strategies to boost performance.

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Lead nurturing through email marketing

Are you nurturing your data? If you are investing in inbound marketing as a core way of generating more leads – the importance of having an effective lead nurturing strategy couldn’t be higher. So how do you do this in an efficient and engaging way?

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Facebook Custom Audiences: This time, it’s personal

In recent years, a big focus in the marketing world has been on getting personal with your customers. Generic doesn’t cut it anymore; customers want to see targeted and specific messaging that will cater to their needs. Facebook offers customised targeting options to accurately connect with your audience.

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Joining the WireHive

We decided to move all our hosting to WireHive & Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our senior developer Mark describes the process we took and the experience we had.

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Copy Cabana 2016 Review

What do you get when you put 12 inspiring speakers in front of a room full of copywriters? Ideas. We get ideas. Here are our highlights from this year's conference.

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What they're talking about

We've curated some of the brightest and best articles that have caught our attention, explore the latest news from across the web.

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The Christmas Countdown

The Christmas Countdown

Make your marketing merry! With the festive season rapidly approaching we've curated the best strategic advice to ensure that you're business is ready for the yuletide rush. Our Attention: The Christmas Countdown event delivered a masterclass in Xmas activity, but if you missed it fear not, here are 25 pieces of merriment conveniently placed on our strategy advent calendar.

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