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It's good to share. Our team is bursting with ideas and opinions; wander through our latest musings.

Facebook Algorithm & Brand Profile Updates

Facebook has made some big changes recently, first there was an announcement about changes to the algorithm and now brand pages have been revamped.. Let’s start from the top.

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#Meetball16: Adido's on fire

The Adido beach football team, FC Adido, who gave everything they could muster, surged to [partial] victory on Thursday night as the team of digital marketers, developers, and designers secured 2nd place in the #Meetball16 Beach Soccer Tournament on Bournemouth beach.

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Attention: The Christmas Countdown Review

Complete with Christmas trees, glühwein, Christmas pudding ice cream (it is summer after all), Christmas tunes, Adido elves and Santa Claus himself guests were transported into a world of magic and sparkle on July 13th for Attention: The Christmas Countdown. Here is my review of the event.

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Attention: The Christmas Countdown: The Pains, Pressures and Pleasures of Christmas

Mark Ashley Miller, owner of The Present Finder presents his talk from Attention: The Christmas Countdown. Discussing the pains, pressures and pleasures of Christmas from personal experiences in the gift giving industry. The talk goes into detail around the challenges that The Present Finder face around such a hectic time of the year, and the ways in which they overcome these to provide consumers with the best experience possible.

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