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Digital marketing for travel brands

There are many challenges that are unique to businesses within the travel and tourism industry. As a travel marketing agency, we have extensive experience in travel marketing, from smoothing your booking curve, attracting loyal customers to fill shoulder months, increasing direct bookings, engaging your valuable travel agent partners, to decreasing the frustration of high abandon rates.

We will work with you to improve on-page user experience and increase website visitors through Content Marketing, SEO and PPC strategies.

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Luxury travel marketing strategies

The definition of ‘luxury travel’ is subjective, making it difficult for niche luxury brands to compete online with the well-established household names of travel. One person’s luxury travel trip is another's standard holiday, even when spending tens of thousands of pounds!

As an experienced luxury travel marketing agency, Adido is all too aware of the challenges luxury travel brands face in an ever-evolving industry. Our expertise lies in creating bespoke marketing strategies which enable our clients to stand out in a crowded online space and amplify their USP that sets them apart.

Using a combination of meticulous data analysis, extensive keyword research, expert travel marketing insights and ‘think outside the box’ creativity, we can help boost your site’s visibility and provide a great user experience which will impress even the most discerning of traveller.

Our digital marketing solutions for the travel and tourism industry

Consumers are looking for more digital experiences when they are travelling. A recent study by Ruler Analytics found out that over 30% of website traffic is driven through organic search. This means that organic results and SEO have a lot to offer to the travel industry and when combined with PPC and social media, they can drive both relevant traffic and conversions.

Our digital marketing solutions for the travel and tourism industry include:

Content marketing

The key to creating a unique and successful content marketing campaign for your travel brand is research and planning. Our marketing team will start by understanding your target audience, we will conduct destination research and put together a content marketing plan that aligns with all areas of your business.

Website design and development

We are experienced in working with travel brands to create beautiful websites that connect you with potential travellers whilst also providing straightforward functionality that allows people to convert easily. Find out more about the travel industry websites we have built in our case study section.

Paid advertising (PPC)

Adido is a Google Partner with over 20 years of experience in creating successful PPC campaigns for companies in the travel and tourism sectors. We take a bespoke approach, acknowledging that all travel businesses are unique and will require different strategies to achieve their goals.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Adido will carry out a thorough keyword research, identifying both commercial and informational keywords. We will optimise your website for the correct keywords ensuring the website drives relevant traffic.

Data analytics and insight

The importance of data in digital marketing can’t be understated. The correct insights will help you understand your customer base and how to better align with their needs. Our data analysts will help you set up tracking, interpret data and find out the ‘Why?’ behind customer behaviour.

Social media marketing

Social media offers a lot of benefits to businesses in the travel and tourism industry. Reaching your customers at the right time on the right platform is a powerful way of connecting with your target audience and also encouraging user- generated content.

Email marketing

Providing useful information such as travel deals, trends, local information and safety tips to your potential customers should be part of your digital marketing strategy. Travel email marketing can help your business with lead generation and retention, and it is a great way to strengthen and align your marketing efforts with the rest of the business’s goals.

"One of the best things about Adido is they deliver stuff before you even know you want it"
Steve Witt
Managing Director - Not Just Travel
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