Originally a web development agency that was building websites with a difference, Adido became known locally for being able to develop websites that required innovative thinking or bespoke technical features.

When climbing up the search engine rankings (SERPs) became a thing, Adido were in a great position to help their clients to gain SERP advantage and increase their online presence. So they set about understanding the complexities of digital marketing.

As the company grew, so did the offering. Now the team work together to enhance their clients digital performance, to deliver results and help them grow. For example, when tracking and analytics became more mainstream, they became determined to use the data they could collect to great effect, like proving ROI and enabling better strategic decision making.

Digital through and through

Adido is digital through and through... if you’re looking to solve a particular digital challenge then get in touch and talk to one of our experts.

"We take pride in working with ambitious brands, delivering ambitious results."

Alex Othold


Meet the team

We’re an eclectic bunch of digital minds with a common goal. We all strive for digital marketing excellence in all we do (and we all love living by the sea). We're successful because we ensure our clients are.

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