Freedom Health Insurance achieves 167% increase in top 10 ranking keywords

Founded 20 years ago, Freedom Health Insurance provide award-winning private medical insurance. Aiming to offer exceptional customer service and simple, yet flexible products at competitive premiums, for people living in the United Kingdom and overseas. Offering their customers, the freedom their name suggests.

Freedom Health Insurance was keen to establish itself in the organic search results as a go to insurance provider, which is why they partnered with Adido. With a proven track record and expertise in the online insurance sector, we created a strategy that would put them in the position the brand deserved to be in.

Increased online competition in an already crowded space

Freedom Health Insurance wanted to increase its organic traffic from non-brand terms and grow the number of leads and sales coming through its website. Macro environmental changes had begun to surface following the events of 2020 and 2021. With seemingly everlasting lockdowns and the threat of covid rife over the last few years, more and more people were turning to private health insurance. Our challenge was to maintain the previous momentum and capture increased interest for health insurance products online.

With increased online competition, Adido had to help Freedom Health Insurance stand-out and be even more diligent with its SEO tactics.

Technical and content strategy working together

The 2022 strategy focused on resolving technical issues which were causing content duplication in the SERPs as well as providing well written, customer focused content to improve website relevancy against search terms. As part of the strategy, we also added product review and FAQ structured data to pages, making the organic listing more appealing to customers looking for health insurance products online, and also improving relevancy signals to Google.

Our content strategy focused on optimising product pages for the main commercial terms and launching the wellbeing section on their site.

Focusing on E.E.A.T (experience, expertise, authority and trustworthiness), was the best way to increase visibility on these pages, ensuring Google saw Freedom Health Insurance as a leading provider and authority in their sector.

Increased organic visibility and traffic from non-brand terms

By the end of 2022, Freedom Health Insurance saw a 167% increase in the number of top ten ranking positions and a 42% increase for keywords within the top three positions. This in turn has delivered a 15% increase in overall organic sessions.

Pages that have achieved a page one ranking have also seen sessions grow from next to nothing to more than 500 organic sessions. Since these are commercial pages, Freedom Health Insurance also benefited from similar rises in conversions.

In the same time period, we saw a 50% increase in health insurance keywords ranking as featured snippets, including ‘what is family health insurance’ and ‘what is international health insurance’.

"Operating in a highly competitive industry, we needed expert help to build a long-term organic growth strategy. Over the past two years, the SEO team at Adido have positioned Freedom Health Insurance at the top of search results for targeted keywords and we have seen increases in organic leads for the last two years. We look forward to continuing working alongside Adido in 2023 and beyond."

Catalina Ghera
Digital Marketing Executive

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While our focus was always on content and bringing in additional traffic, at Adido we will always try and go above and beyond to help our clients.

We have a very candid relationship with the team at Freedom Health Insurance who have sought reassurance and expert advice on numerous subjects, outside of the ongoing strategy.

Whether that be conversion rate optimisation (CRO) ideas to drive more online quotes, how to develop their careers pages or technical assistance with cookie implementation, we want Freedom Health Insurance and all our clients for that matter, to feel like we are an extension of their team and provide valuable insights across all marketing activity.

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