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Professional Building Supplies

Adido delivered an award-winning multi-channel strategy for the PBSL Group, focusing on organic search, PPC, email and social media to make them the digital leader in their market.

Incy wincy Gutter Supplies climbed up the Google-spout, with an integrated strategy that washed the competitors out!

The Project

The Challenge

To make Professional Building Supplies Group the digital leader in plastic building supplies – achieving greater organic search visibility, increased overall group revenue and reduced cost per acquisition.

Professional Building Supplies Group (PBSL) provides plastic guttering, drainage and cladding products via three specialist websites (drainage-pipe.co.uk, pvc-cladding.co.uk & guttersupplies.co.uk) and one group site (professionalbuildingsupplies.co.uk).

With each website catering for a slightly different audience despite a similar complex product set and supporting content, and due to some poor quality links, all websites needed to first recover from previous organic penalties before they could make significant gains in search.

Due to budget and resource restrictions, work needed to be prioritised and managed according to the most profitable channels and websites.


The primary target audience was defined as the trade industry as they accounted for more than 60% of the top 100 existing customers across the business. Guttering orders also made up 90% of all sales so this website was identified as key for enhancing revenue.

Upon analysing the business’ revenue streams, Adido identified that the client also attracted DIY enthusiasts and yet all four websites were focused towards expert builders. The strategy incorporated this secondary audience by introducing a dedicated ‘Help & Advice’ section into all sites with installation advice, buying guides and ‘how to’ videos & reviews.

Search was deemed the core focus throughout 2014 and into 2015. PPC offered a quick revenue gain channel, whilst SEO was considered a longer-term investment to ensure continued site visibility and digital leadership. Further along the process we explored social media to support SEO, email and display activity.


After site prioritisation, we focused on a four part strategy:

  • Review of current situation in the form of multiple audits – identifying all the challenges, problems but also strengths and opportunities of each site, and what the priority channels should be in order to maximise ROI for the business
  • Action the audit insights by going back to basics and focusing on doing the core activities right
  • Constant monitoring - to sense check progress & maintain quality
  • Identifying growth opportunities - testing ideas in the latter part of the process after recovery and stability had been achieved

All activity was thoroughly analysed on a monthly basis to appreciate channel contribution to sales, progress of SEO efforts and cost efficiency gains in PPC.

PPC also became a test bed for new products and ad messaging due to the ease of roll-out and timeliness of feedback.



Increase in total online business revenue


Additional search visits per annum


Conversion rate increase on Gutter Supplies


Number of tracked keywords ranked in top 20


Best Use of Search
Best Use of Search
Best Integrated Campaign
Best Integrated Campaign


Enviro Waste wanted to improve their brand awareness and service visibility in organic search and establish their business as an expert within the waste management industry.

How we did it

  1. Work
  2. Professional Building Supplies
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The Attention Model

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