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Pineapplefish, a collection of eight spectacularly unique villas located on the tranquil Anna Maria Island, off the coast of Florida, wanted to ensure it had at least 75% occupancy for the 2014 season.

The Project

The Challenge


The company wanted to use social media to improve brand awareness and increase brand engagement, promoting Pineapplefish as the premium holiday villa solution on the island.

Coupled with a new website design, social content needed to be pulled into the site to ensure fresh and relevant discussions were featured.


Extensive research was conducted to understand the social landscape for the travel industry, assessing the activity of key competitors on various platforms, as well as looking at larger brands for inspiration.

We saw two potential audiences to target via social media:

New Island Tourists: interested in holidaying on the island, and keen to know more about this destination & book their holiday. Social media needed to support their holiday decision and encourage booking.

Pineapplefish Advocates: holiday makers who have stayed with Pineapplefish. Social media needed to utilise their experiences to promote brand positivity, encourage repeat bookings and help ‘New Island Tourists’ have confidence in the brand.

Facebook was identified as the key platform for engagement and reach, supported with great content which was different from what already existed elsewhere.

‘Experience’ was the link that entwined the two audience groups and formed the backbone of the content strategy.


For potential visits the aim of the content was to:

  • Show them the possibilities of the island
  • Make them aware of local events and activities
  • Give them real knowledge of island life
  • Inspire them with imagery which would make them want to book a Pineapplefish villa

For previous visitors the content needed to:

  • Make them reminisce about their holiday through amazing imagery and content about island life
  • Encourage them to share reviews and experiences of holidaying on the island

To position Pineapplefish villas as the best villas in the area we posted regular ‘property of the month’ features, property review posts and specific articles relating to them.

Paid ads were used to complement and amplify the organic activity, but on a very conservative budget.



Growth in page likes


New likes achieved


Increase in social referral traffic to pineapplefish.com


Enquiries from website initiated by a social source


Best use of social winner
Best use of social winner


The new website and marketing strategy has given us significant increases in our enquiries, we have a great opportunity to improve conversions and verbally, we have also had lots of fantastic comments about our website, we are absolutely delighted with the results so far! The social media strategy Adido has developed and implemented this year has generated lots of discussions and engagement online.

Zoe Keech, Marketing Manager


Olives Et Al wanted a responsive ecommerce website which would allow them to express their brand identity and give customers a personalised experience. After all, every taste tells a story.

How we did it

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