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Adido were challenged to raise awareness of Glenigan as the market leaders for construction insight online and improve engagement with new and existing customers.

The Project

The Challenge


Established in 1973, Glenigan is the trusted provider of UK construction project sales leads, market analysis, forecasting, and company intelligence. Glenigan is part of the Top Right Group (formerly EMAP International) and produces the construction industry Key Performance Indicators survey for ONS and BIS and is a regular contributor to the media.

The client wanted to increase their online website enquiries, and knew in order to achieve this they needed to:

  • Position the brand as the market leaders for construction insight online
  • Improve website accessibility across all internet enabled devices to allow for a more effective user experience and path to conversion
  • Drive engagement with existing customers


From the start the Glenigan consumer was placed at the heart of the creative redesign of the website. User journey planning up-front enabled the design to reflect the audience needs first. The Glenigan brand was intertwined to make the website highly attractive but founded on delivering business results.

Whilst the website focused on improving usability to drive enquiries, the marketing strategy was evolved to improve the quality of visitors driven to the website in support of this goal.

To drive improvements in organic keyword rankings for the site, a market leading, unique content strategy was established. 

To support these activities, an inventive SMS campaign to existing customers encouraging them to download the Glenigan app was also built into the marketing plan. Device recognition was employed to direct users to the most relevant app store.

The audience selected to receive this campaign were identified as heavy mobile internet operators and would therefore benefit from using the app to access their Glenigan account.


For every page design and template, the responsive view for mobile and tablet devices was considered. User journeys were modified to reflect these platforms so the right components remained prominent in the condensed design.

From a marketing perspective, an infographic was conceptualised and built, bespoke content was planned and produced for relevant guest blogs, PR wires and news channels. Video content already on the web was optimised to improve visibility in universal search results.

The SMS campaign creative centred on a personalised box addressed to each individual. Within each box, a mobile phone and a personalised invitation were included. The mobile phone was preloaded with the new Glenigan mobile app, their Account Managers contact details and a calendar reminder set for the date and time that the account manager would be contacting them.



Increase in web enquiries


Mobile app downloads


Increase in mobile & tablet organic traffic


Marketing excellence prizes won by client at Emap Group Business Awards


Adido from the start understood our digital business objectives and provided a clear and creative approach to delivering the results we desired. Throughout the process of researching, planning, designing and evolving our digital marketing strategy we felt Adido provided a first class service which was both cost effective and innovative. The results speak for themselves and we look forward to continuing our working partnership with Adido and driving further digital success for Glenigan.

Ian Bellamy, Digital Marketing Manager

Bournemouth Borough Council

Achieving digital channel migration for Bournemouth Borough Council, enabling users to rely on the website for answers rather than relying on council staff.

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