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Enviro Waste

Increasing Enviro Waste’s brand awareness and service visibility in organic search to establish their business as an expert within their industry.

The Project

The Challenge


In a saturated market, our challenge was to create something that would really stand out and give Enviro Waste recognition as a thought leader, whilst gaining visibility in the search market for relevant phrases to increase online enquiries. 

Enviro Waste had been increasing their influence over the years with regular insights pieces and wanted to go bigger to make a real impact on their industry.

They were the only waste removal company in the industry modelling their business on a circular economy. Rather than adhering to the linear ‘make, use, dispose’ model and sending their waste to landfill, Enviro Waste take it back to their workshop where their trained experts restore it, and then put it back into the economy.

The biggest change to the waste removal industry in recent times is WEEE waste (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). What used to be advice had now become law. Many businesses had questions and were calling for clarification on how to meet their legal obligations.


Adido researched the noise within the industry to establish what questions were being asked. Enviro Waste then used their knowledge to answer these questions, clarifying legislation laws and sharing advice for businesses and individuals who wanted to reduce the amount of WEEE waste going to landfill.

It was a lot of technical insight, so the design needed to make it easily digestible, and so it was made into an interactive guide with accompanying assets such as infographics and banners.

Adido researched the WEEE guide’s audience; as it was for personal as well as professional use the strategy involved organic search, paid search, social and email.


The strategy focused on four core areas:

  • Initial technical audit of the site to ensure it was in top condition
  • Industry listening and research to create content that would be of value to the audience
  • Design and launch of WEEE guide, including supporting assets optimised for social outlets
  • Outreach of WEEE guide via a multi-channel promotion strategy

Bespoke articles were created for target industry publications and blogs were created on site to encourage more visibility of the piece.

Channels were monitored for efficiency and budget was reallocated to top performing channels to ensure we captured the highest quality audience.



Increase in the average position of target keywords


WEEE enquiries per month quadrupled following the launch of the WEEE guide


YOY increase in WEEE enquiries


YOY increase in organic sessions from WEEE guide


I sourced a few companies all within London and sat down to meet with them, however I didn’t get a good feeling from them, there was something missing, so I expanded my search from London to England and came across Adido. I sat down with them and after a two hour meeting I knew I had found the right company for the job. With the help of Adido we are building something of real quality online.

James Rubin, CEO

Professional Building Supplies

*Winner - Wirehive, Best Use of Search*

Making Professional Building Supplies Group the digital leader in plastic building supplies – achieving greater organic search visibility, increased overall group revenue and reduced cost per acquisition on PPC.

How we did it

  1. Work
  2. Enviro Waste
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