Discover the Craft CMS

Here are some of the built-in features of the Craft CMS

At Adido, we’ve always believed in choosing the best CMS for each client. Having a one size fits all approach rarely works. Your website and CMS needs will not be the same as the next client. This is why we keep a broad technology base and offer the best solution we can.

Craft CMS has been around for many years and is trusted by website owners across the globe. It can manage websites from a handful of pages through to sites spanning many thousand across content and also ecommerce.

Maybe you’ve already made your mind up to use Craft and want a great Craft CMS agency to work with - hi there! Or maybe you’re thinking about moving from Wordpress to something more suitable? Have a read of some of the features available in Craft to see what’s possible and then contact us to discuss your requirements.