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Web Design Process

The web design process requires in depth research, thorough planning and a creative flair in order to reach an end result that is both user friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

With over a decade of web design experience, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful websites like no other. Each and every website is designed and built to the individual client’s specific requirements with our team on hand every step of the way to consult and advise you on the most effective outcome.

We break our web design projects down into sub-projects so that you can follow our progress and better understand how your website is being created. You will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will oversee the project and ensure it runs to schedule and follows specific processes.




For your website to truly succeed, it needs to prioritise the user’s needs and focus on helping them to achieve their goals. Providing a positive, useful and simple user experience will require in depth research into your audience’s behaviour.

To kick-start the project, we will run an interactive workshop with you where we aim to discover who your audience are, what they want and the best way to approach them. Armed with this information we will then conduct our own research with your users.

The value of speaking directly to your audience should not be underestimated as they offer an honest and insightful view of their expectations which will directly impact the specification and wireframes of your website.


Effective communication between agency and client is key to a healthy relationship and the overall success of the project. Our fully comprehensive specification stage ensures that we are on the same page as our clients at all times by accurately documenting and relaying all requirements throughout the project.

While a document of text is useful and provides a reference point for both us and our clients, we know the value of having a visual representation too, therefore we provide interactive wireframes to bring the project to life.


A wireframe is a visual guide representing the skeletal framework of your website. The main focus of a wireframe is to map out the functionality, behaviour and priority of content.

We believe that websites should be designed around functionality to create an excellent experience for the user, therefore wireframes lack style, colour or graphics. This allows us to create an inspiring user journey first, with a stunning design being applied later on.

During the specification and wireframing stages we are able to challenge the design decisions going forward and provide clarity for both the client and ourselves.

Creative Brief

Creativity should always be approached with key objectives in mind to give clarity and structure to the creative brief. Understanding our client’s current brand and how that can be transferred to a digital platform is at the forefront of our designers’ minds.

The creative brief will highlight any areas of design that may need more thought to ensure visualisations are seamless and consistent with the existing brand. The brief is shared with the client as a point of reference throughout the project.

Creative Brainstorming

Adido’s brainstorming sessions bring together our most creative minds to conjure up a visual representation of the creative brief that will impress both the client and the user.

The brainstorm gives us the opportunity to fully explore the brief and discover its true potential. Ideas are generated, discussed and analysed to reach an inspiring conclusion that meets the objectives set out in the design brief.

Design Visualisation

With a clear strategy for the website’s design in mind, we get to work creating visualisations of how the creative brief will be met and how the brand will be represented. This will involve creating mock-ups of the home page or any key areas of the website to show how the design will fit the wireframe.

The client has the opportunity to give feedback on the top level designs before we move ahead and design the rest of the creative elements on site. Key pages are then designed, signed off and produced to a highly polished standard.

Content Management System

We know the importance of an easy to use, well-structured content management system to ensure that the client can fully control the non-technical aspects of their website with ease. At Adido, we are very familiar with the capabilities of different content management systems and can help select the right one for you.

We are a long-time supporter of MODX, with several of our team members talking at MODX conferences and developing additional packages for the platform. MODX allows you to manage your website with no restrictions and does the hard work of styling content appropriately for you.

Each website requires different on site elements, whether you are providing products, services or content. If you need a checkout, software wizard or filtering capability, we can find the best content management system for you.

Technical Requirements

During the web design process, we take into consideration the technical requirements that will make your website a success. Our websites are built with a responsive design, ensuring they cater to desktop, tablet and smartphone users.

We use industry best-practises when it comes to producing accessible websites for modern audiences, making the website perceivable, operable, understandable and robust.

We provide web hosting through our UK based hosting cloud located with Rackspace, guaranteeing a website uptime of 99.8%. with each website we provide 30 calendar days of support from the date of launch, with additional support available beyond this point.


Before embarking on a new website, have you thought about maximising the potential of your existing one through conversion rate optimisation? Whilst a complete website refresh is usually what most of our clients desire (and need), there is also some merit, even whilst you're building a new site to garner as much insight as you can from your existing one. Simple adjustments to colours, language and layouts could offer valuable data and understanding and could be tested fairly swiftly and cost effectively.


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