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PPC Techniques

Paid marketing techniques have the power to transform your business overnight. At Adido, our paid strategies are tailored to reach your audience in the right place, at the right time.

PPC has always had search engine marketing at its core, however in recent times the overarching theme has been the evolution of technologies and social platforms that search marketers can utlise to enhance their PPC performance. 

With more sophisticated capabilities and expanded targeting within search, mobile and social in addition to an overall emphasis for the industry to serve the user whilst "in the moment", it's becoming easier to optimise and personalise users' experiences based on behaviour, preferences and location. 





Keyword coverage, impression share and ad position are your allies when maximising search visibility. Our PPC specialists are masters of maximising the relationship between them, getting the best search presence for brands and outsmarting the competition.



There are three life stages of a PPC account: new, growing and mature; depending on which stage your account is in, different tactics should be implemented to ensure you're getting the most from your investment.


Tailored Search Strategies

Adido's approach to PPC involves continually testing, developing & evolving accounts to ensure our clients are benefitting from maximum ROI. 

This involves getting personal with each individual account, analysing your business' needs and creating a tailored strategy to achieve these goals.

Can Your PPC Perform Better?

Our comprehensive PPC audit will look in detail at your current PPC efforts, such as device performance, quality score, impression share, wastage and core keywords and recommend improvements.


Paid Search

It is increasingly important that your business can be found online. Little exposure can make your business obsolete very quickly. Paid search is an effective channel to meet your business objectives.

Paid search as a principle is fairly simple, however to maximise ROI while being cost-effective requires skill and expertise. 


Google shopping has revolutionized AdWords' effectiveness for Ecommerce sites. Google shopping puts your products and brand in the spotlight, meaning big growth.  

For many businesses, Google shopping is the key to driving brand awareness and outperforming competitors, particularly with the reduced number of ads for Google search. 


The Google Display Network is a list of over 2 million websites where your audience might be spending their time. Ads on the display network are visually appealing, using images and video. 

From traditional brand awareness campaigns to more dynamic strategies, our display experts have the knowledge and tools to bring your vision to life.


Remarketing gives your brand a second chance to reach out to customers who've previously been on your website.

Google reported 96% of visitors leave a site without converting, with 49% of visitors browsing a site 2-4 times before they purchase.

Remarketing ensures you stay engaged with your target and increases brand awareness and conversions.


We know every trick in the book when it comes to social advertising - immersing ourselves in the latest formats and platforms for the most impressive results.

Social ads are the perfect way to access new leads and introduce your products to a new audience on a more personal level.

A Holistic Approach

At Adido, we use a variety of techniques to entice users to buy from your site, but getting them to click is half the battle. 

Users are also affected by what comes after the click; from your site's design and layout, content, page load time to ease of purchasing. Together, our teams ensure that from the first impression to purchasing, your audiences' experience is seamless.


Our training is the perfect solution for businesses looking to get ahead, at a time and location that works best for you.

You will feel inspired and educated on PPC best practices across multiple platforms, with knowledge on successful keyword optimisation, bidding strategies, testing and measuring your campaigns.


Paid Social & Organic

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The Attention Model

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