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Inbox Insight engaged with us to help them drive more interest into the top of their funnel. Once new audiences had been driven through to their site, they wanted to build a stronger relationship with prospects through specialist content themes.

The Inbox insight team had been busy creating best practice content clusters for B2B. They needed our support to amplify content through search, social media and remarketing and build more authority through appealing to the right users and increasing their prominence in the B2B marketing space. At the heart of this was a refreshed new website that deserved more traffic and attention. That’s where we came in!

Quarterly sprints were the key to success

We set-up highly targeted paid search campaigns to reach anyone actively in-market for B2B marketing services across the UK and US, monitoring performance against enquiries and content downloads.

However, amplification across social media and display required a more sprint-based methodology. The client had created quarterly campaign materials in the form of a hero content piece (a guide to...), plus fortnightly blog posts which required purpose-built ads and boosted post support. Our aim was to achieve high quality, low cost resource downloads in order to start the conversation between Inbox Insight and their customers.

Over the course of a year, we embarked on four quarterly campaigns together, working hard each time to improve audience targeting, placement selection, budget assignment and creative execution

Website traffic grew 40% year on year

We can’t disclose exact financials, but the income associated with new client wins significantly surpassed six figures, delivering a 4:1 ROI

We are now embarking on further channel expansion into native advertising and programmatic display to further improve campaign visibility and traction amongst the target audience.

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