During the research we found two key insights

Turn of Year (TOY) campaigns drove sales for August

Last minute deals helped to fill shoulder months

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Defining PPC & SEO Spending Strategies

We created customised daily & monthly reports that contained more insightful information about what, when and how people were booking holidays with Hoburne.

By identifying when the sales bursts were likely to happen in future months we could prevent panic decisions and retain a steady strategy for PPC & SEO. This became instrumental in determining how the paid search budget was allocated and helped to prioritise SEO tasks.

Geo-restricted campaigns

We also identified data that allowed us to geo-restrict our campaigns and upweight our Google Ads bids to maximise Hoburne’s presence in the most lucrative areas. We applied a radial approach to bid adjustments, focusing on key hotspots and applying a tiered bidding strategy.

The Results

Consistent performance improvements

We took a business that knew very little about its booking patterns and empowered it – enabling strategic marketing decisions client side and innovative digital optimisation decisions on our part.

The significant spike in performance was due to our diligent approach taken with paid and organic search, as well as the insight we were able to provide using the data we had gathered and organised about the channels, source and copy.

Our work with Hoburne was shortlisted for a Travolution & CIM Travel Marketing award (Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year) and Wirehive 100 (data analytics and insight) accolades.


By the end of 2017 monthly online bookings accounted for 39% of the total. A 17% increase YoY.


By the end of 2018, Hoburne's holiday sales had exceeded target by 6% beating 2017 by 14%. With online bookings contributing to 46% of total revenue.

With an increased presence on PPC, organic traffic still increased 43% year on year (2018 vs. 2017).

We achieved #1 rankings for ‘holiday park + location’ terms and saw a 37% increase in sales revenue from SEO.

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