We invited our placement student Joel to attend our Southern Summit and learn from the team in the same way as the other 200 delegates. Here he reports back on what he learned.

Unlike many of the other Adido employees at Let’s Do Digital, I got to experience the conference from a unique position.

As a guest of the event I was able to mingle with the rest of the crowd, sit back and take in as much information as possible.

There was a fantastic line up of guest speakers and Adido workshops to partake in and since there are some great write ups about the event in the Adido blog section, I’m going to briefly list my top 3 digital learnings from the day.

1. It’s what and when you post that counts

An intricately planned strategy is imperative for social success and an important part of that strategy is the content you’re providing for your audience as well as the frequency it’s provided.

Everyone wants engaging, creative and pertinent content that provides value in some way, it’s as simple as that!

However, the frequency of which the content is shared can also play a significant role in strategic success and should therefore be adapted for individual social media platforms.

Facebook, for example, can often react better to a single post a week, provided the content is of sufficient quality, rather than a daily bombardment of content that provides little or no value to your audience.

Twitter however, benefits from a continual stream of tweets due to the traffic that the average Twitter user experiences. In fact, you shouldn’t be scared to share the same tweet two or three times a day as a result of the average life span of a tweet.

For a detailed breakdown of what is required for a successful social strategy, please read Your 10 Step Guide to Social Media.

2. Overcoming outreach barriers

People who have undertaken outreach tasks know how difficult it can be to gain a link; however, there are some very simple techniques that can make the world of difference.

Many publications are regularly inundated with email requests to publish content so you really need to try and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Aside from actually providing content that holds value for the publication and personalising the email to match the name of the receiver, you should spend some more time getting to know the publication you plan to target.

If you can demonstrate that you’ve spent time actually viewing the publication’s website then they’re more likely to take your email seriously and hopefully deem your email worthy of a response.

A great tip I was given was to view similar content of pertinence on a publication’s website and possibly mention the amount of engagement it has received through shares or comments.

You can then use these figures or observations to justify why your similar content would be a hit. This also proves you have actually spent time viewing their site and understand their audience. You’ll hit two birds with one stone!

For a great breakdown on the subject of outreach you can view the Outreach For the Toughest of Clients presentation that was delivered by Jackson Rawlings at LDD.

3. Why you shouldn’t be afraid of change

This is a topic, especially when it comes to digital, that people and businesses can often find difficult to embrace.

However, change is often something that should be celebrated and should be viewed as an opportunity.

In today’s modern world not many businesses can survive without some form of digital output and although I’m sure the majority of you are incorporating digital within your business, some of you may not be.

I would highly recommend you watch a fantastic presentation on change and the benefits it can bring that was delivered by Hampshire Cricket’s Stuart Robinson,

Innovation in Sport: Changing the establishment.

Overall, I felt that the conference provided a great insight into the digital world. It offered some effective ways to manage digital output and of course it provided the opportunity to network with a diverse range of people in varying professions.

For all the videos of the event visit our Let’s Do Digital 2015 YouTube playlist.

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