When we first raised the topic of the sunsetting of Universal Analytics as part of ABTA’s two-day marketing conference back in May, it wasn’t surprising that we were met with varying degrees of awareness and understanding about the significant impact it will have.

We’re really pleased to support ABTA’s practical training day where we will provide a guide to campaign tracking and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to help delegates be fully prepared for the replacement of UA next summer. We’ll also be sharing our advice about how GA4 can improve marketing campaigns, capture data and measure campaign success.

The training day is planned for 23rd November at the Science Gallery in London, SE1 9GU, and will run from 10.00am until 3.15pm.

Designed to improve the understanding of how customers engage with your business, GA4 will replace Universal Analytics on 1 July 2023. It is imperative that you are prepared for the switch and the impact that it will have on your business and marketing campaigns.

You’ll have the opportunity to take part in practical sessions designed to guide you through the change-over process including demonstrating the use of GA4 in data collection and top tips for reporting and measuring campaign success.

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We've got a jam-packed day planned to bring attendees up to speed on what the changes are, the benefits they can bring and how to get started with implementing GA4. Plus we'll be shedding light on:

  • What is Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and how it’s different to Universal Analytics
  • The benefits to your business of using GA4
  • Practical steps to make the switch to GA4
  • Configuring GA4 to collect meaningful and accurate data
  • Using GA4 reports to track users, spot key trends and irregularities in data
  • Tracking cross-device and cross-platform engagement
  • Monitoring and measuring the success of your campaign with GA4
  • Alternative analytics platforms to consider

There are huge benefits of attending (even if we do say so ourselves!), as we’ve been working tirelessly to find the clearest and most effective journey to help you through the complicated migration process.

Back in April we summarised the dawn of this new era in Google Analytics, and have since discussed alternative website analytics options, the pros and cons of migrating to GA4, and the analytics toolbox you will need before you even start! We've also hosted a webinar (which you can download here) which covered 'Transitioning to a new world of analytics with GA4'.

To put it simply (albeit a little bluntly), as marketers we cannot afford to ignore that this change is on the horizon, and it will have an impact on us all. If you haven’t already, it’s essential that you start to take action, and make decisions on how you’d like to manage your data in the future. If you don’t, you will be left at the cut-off point with no historical data, and no data collection for reporting moving forward.

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However, all is not lost! We’re bringing all the information that you need to know now so that by the end of the training day you will:

  • Gain an understanding of GA4 and how it is different to Universal Analytics
  • Get practical insights into making the switch to GA4
  • Discover how to improve your marketing with GA4 reports
  • Learn how to apply tracking for all your marketing campaigns
  • Get tips on measuring engagement across your campaigns
  • Discover how to combine web and app data with cross-platform tracking

The event is ideal for marketers and anyone working in the travel industry who is looking for practical guidance on how to make the switch to GA4, including:

  • Marketing managers, directors and team leaders
  • Digital marketing teams
  • SEOs and content marketing teams
  • Directors and senior managers from small businesses

We are delighted to offer you 20% off when booking this event. To claim this discount enter the code GA420 when registering online, and the discount will be automatically applied (for ABTA members only).

If you'd like to discuss your transition, we're here to help!

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