Get to grips with GA4, the dawn of a new era for analytics

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It’s been a few months now since announcements landed in our inboxes that Google Analytics would be sunsetting Universal Analytics (GA3) in favour of GA4.

However with an expiration date now firmly in our sights, it’s astonishing the lack of urgency on marketers and web developers to migrate or jump ship, many are still unaware of this significant change in our industry and the impact it will have on measurement and reporting.

Join our free webinar where CEO, Andy Headington, and Strategy Director, Kherrin Wade, will be sharing their expert advice on what you should be doing right now!

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Andy Headington

Andy is Adido's CEO, and is a keen speaker on digital marketing. Whether he's educating the marketing community on digital marketing techniques within SEO, PPC or social, or offering his point of view on digital, he is an avid thinker and educator.

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Kherrin Wade

Kherrin leads our digital marketing specialists and has over 16 years' experience working with performance marketing channels and analytics. Always keen to understand 'the so what' and 'why' when measuring marketing performance, Kherrin has been spending time understanding more about GA4 and researching alternative platforms on the market. She'll be present during the webinar to answer questions.