Ecommerce SEO services

Our approach to Ecommerce SEO involves but it is not limited to:

Whether you are an established brand or just setting up your ecommerce business, reaching your target audience and ensuring your products are visible in the SERPs will be one of your main objectives. The ecommerce space is becoming more competitive every day. In 2020, online sales grew 36.6% across the UK and 2021 saw an additional 7% increase. That growth is set to continue as new businesses are entering the space and competition is increasing in every industry. Without a data-led strategy that focuses on improving your online visibility for your main products and services, your business might be left behind.

Why is SEO important for ecommerce?

As an ecommerce store, you’re reliant on customers finding your brand and products online. Organic search is a cost-effective way to establish your online business and improve your online visibility which increases your click-through-rate, website traffic and your chances of converting more users. SEO is important for online stores for several reasons:

  • Increased relevant organic traffic that leads to more sales.
  • Increased brand awareness.
  • SEO’s effects are long-lasting, making it a great investment
  • Building Trust and Authority with your target audience.

Why choose Adido as your ecommerce SEO agency?

We have years of experience in optimising ecommerce websites and applying specific strategies to boost online rankings for non-brand keywords and helping to drive more traffic to your site, whilst increasing revenue. We have experience working with different ecommerce platforms, mainly Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce, and Shopware and are aware of the advantages each platform offers.