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Social Media Services

Social media presents an opportunity to get your brand's personality and tone of voice out to your audience. It is the ultimate tool for real time marketing, targeted, personalised advertising and for building long lasting relationships.

Making a real connection with your audience can be difficult, but by implementing a social strategy which both engages the audience and reaches them on an emotional level can help to bridge the gap between business and consumer. 

Using a variety of research techniques and tools, we aim to discover who your audience are before we start communicating with them. We can then choose the best social platforms for your business to become active on, whether it’s Instagram and Pinterest for brands who rely on visual communication to LinkedIn for more business to business connections or Facebook and Twitter for clients looking to hold a conversation.

The opportunities with social media are endless and at Adido we are able to offer a variety of services that will help you make the most of your social presence. From training to a fully managed service, our social experts are on hand to guide you through the online social environment and really make sense of a world filled with hashtags and memes.



Social Audits

You might already be active on social media but are feeling unsure how effective your strategy is, that's OK. Our social audits take an in-depth look at your current social media activity to analyse its success and discover further opportunities available to you.

By benchmarking your activity against competitors and stand out brands within the market, we can provide insight into the most effective ways to be social within your industry. We can then evaluate your current performance against your overall goals.

Social Strategy

To see a real benefit from your social media activity, you need to have a thoroughly researched, planned and structured social strategy in place.

By choosing the right audience to target, we can discover the best platforms to use, the type of content to promote, the tone of voice and the purpose of your social activity; whether it be marketing, brand awareness, customer service or recruitment.

Our social strategies will open your eyes to the true capabilities of social media and ensure you are getting real value from your social activity.

Social Management

You might feel that social media is too time consuming for you, or perhaps the idea of social media is completely foreign to you. If that’s the case, we can take control of managing your social media activity.

We immerse ourselves in your brand to ensure we are approaching the strategy from your point of view, not our own. We create proactive social content plans that look at industry trends, seasonal events and client specific activity.

Our social management services go beyond just posting great content, we also monitor conversations, field any questions coming in and encourage followers to become brand advocates by appealing to their individual preferences and interests.

Social Consultancy

Keen to maintain control of your social media activity but looking for a bit of guidance on the best approach? Our social consultancy services allow you to stay in the driver’s seat whilst taking direction from an experienced social media marketer.

Our team can equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to tackle social media on a daily basis and are always on hand to answer questions or solve any issues you are having with your social platforms.

Social Training

There are no shortcuts when it comes to social, so knowing the ins and outs of your platforms and the most appropriate approach for each one is key to the success of your strategy.

When you come for a social training session at Adido, prepare for an inspirational and insightful experience. Our team bring the world of social media to life and will leave you feeling confident in your abilities by the end of the day.

You are guaranteed to leave each session with practical skills that you will be itching to try out for yourself. Look out for our FREE bytesize sessions or commission a bespoke one and learn why we are so crazy about social!

Social Advertising

One of the biggest challenges for advertisers is reaching a specific audience with a targeted message at the right time. Social advertising provides the solution to this challenge.

Armed with an in-depth knowledge of targeting, audiences and ad structure, our social advertising team get straight to work seeking out your most engaged audience in order to increase click through rate, likes, shares, conversions and any other objectives you might want to set.

Social Setup

If your business isn’t on Social Media yet, it should be! Social media has its purpose in every industry and we are yet to find a client who hasn’t benefitted from social activity in some way, shape or form.

Our team are happy to set up social platforms for complete newbies, ensuring you are being seen in the right places at the right time.

Whether it’s a Google My Business profile to ensure you are reaping the rewards of local rankings, a Youtube account to promote your videos or a Twitter profile to encourage valuable links to your content, we are here to help shape your social presence.


If you're already on social media and aren't sure how we can help you to improve your existing strategy, you might want to consider our social media audit. We analyse the design of your social profiles, followers, content themes, audience interaction and more to discover any gaps in your strategy and offer suggestions to help you structure your approach moving forward.



Social Media Campaign


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