Aligning four key stages of decision making behaviour

After much testing and retesting we managed to implement cross domain tracking with the aid of Google Tag Manager, so that we could properly track the user journey from to and retain important traffic source information. We also implemented the necessary tracking tags for Facebook and Google ads.

From a promotion perspective we aligned the four key stages of decision making behaviour with suitable digital marketing channels. From high reach, brand awareness activity within Google display and Facebook; to consideration based placements and messages with in-market audiences and carousel ads; finally through to conversion based tactics like paid search and remarketing we built a marketing communications funnel for the target audience to drive ticket sales.

The campaign delivery involved running ads across search and social for the four different host locations, in three burst phases. This allowed for the forecasting and re-planning of KPIs at each burst and ensured that each burst phase was an enhanced version of the last.

Building on success brick by brick

The paid search activity delivered an impressive 6.3 return on ad spend (ROAS) and achieved over 1.2 million ad impressions and 21k ad clicks. The campaign lasted for 6 months between March and September.

Overall the Facebook activity achieved a ROAS of 4.1 from a media investment under £15,000.

The summer activity was so successful that we were asked to run the promotion for the Christmas event in the same year, adding a repertoire of ‘meet Santa’ related queries into the keyword targeting on paid search.


return on ad spend
in paid search


return on ad spend
in Facebook

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