There are many PPC challenges for finance and insurance businesses, such as tracking ROI accurately; keeping on the right side of industry compliance and advertising policies; or going full circle by transitioning to a revenue-based advertising strategy that prioritises the most profitable customers.

This is not an easy feat, and your Google Ads account should rise to the challenge. But is it currently set up to succeed?

How a free Google Ads audit from Adido can help your business:

  • You will get an impartial third party opinion on how your Google Ads account is managed
  • You will know if your PPC partner or your team is managing your account in the best way
  • You will find out from our team of experts what are the next most important things you should focus on
  • You will know if you are wasting money right now, and where
  • You will learn how your budget can be spent more efficiently

Some of the businesses we've supported over the years

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A selection of our best work

Since working we Adido we have seen consistent growth across our paid search and shopping activity, due to this upturn we have increased our annual targets but are still confident the team at Adido will be able to use their expertise to achieve them.
Gemma Bell
Marketing Manager

100% manually reviewed Google Ads Audit

Our free Google Ads audit is 100% manually reviewed by real humans with at least 5 years of PPC experience. We don't use tools or cut corners with automations.

We believe the only way an audit is useful to you, is if it gives you bespoke recommendations based on your current account performance, combined with the wider context of your priorities and business goals.

What's the catch, you might ask?

There isn't one. In our experience, if you're considering a full scale PPC audit or switching to a new PPC agency, it's only fair you want to get a sense of what an agency can do before you commit.

Our experienced PPC specialists

How to sign up for the audit and what happens next

1. Fill out the sign up form (~ 2 minutes)

Apply using the form on this page, or give us a call if you'd like to ask a few more questions. Please use the best possible email address for this, as it will be the one we use to deliver the audit document.

2. Share access to your account

You'll receive an email confirming we can get your audit under way, and instructions on how to get access to your account. We will ask you to temporarily add our email address to your account in View Only mode, so you're confident we can access the data we need without being able to make any changes. You'll be able to remove us from the account as soon as the audit is complete.

3. Fill out a questionnaire (~ 5-7 minutes)

The same email will include the link to a questionnaire we've put together so we can understand your business a bit better, as well as what you're trying to achieve. Context is what will allow us to suggest the best possible recommendations and next steps.

4. Sit back and relax while we work on your audit

Our specialists will work as fast as they can. We aim to deliver the audit in your inbox in PDF format within 5 business days.

5. Next steps

If the free audit is all you need to give you a steer in the right direction, then here's where we part ways. If you think you might need more support, the audit will suggest a few ways you can carry on working with us.