The insurance industry is incredibly competitive, so if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you’ll have to invest time, effort (and of course, money) into building an effective marketing strategy to propel you forward.

By developing a strong marketing strategy, you can reach new consumers in your target audience and improve the ways in which you engage with existing customers. Here’s some ways you can market your insurance company online…

Through SEO

Improving your SEO efforts will improve your online visibility so that customers can easily find you and purchase an insurance policy. It’s important for your site to rank for relevant keywords if you’re going to stand a chance in keeping up with your top competitors so that you score more clicks and secure more sales. There’s a range of SEO techniques you can apply to improve your positioning on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), including:

Developing a strong keyword strategy

As mentioned above, you want to rank for keywords that are relevant to your services, but you also need to take into account how competitive a keyword is (so you can optimise your site for keywords that you can realistically rank well for) and how much search volume it has (i.e. how many users are searching for that keyword per month?). Once you’ve identified the best keywords to target for the right pages (you can use a handy tool such as Semrush to conduct this research), you’ll be able to implement changes which will see you surpass your competitors.

Page optimisations

By using the right keywords, investigating what your competitors are doing and adding quality content to existing pages, you can improve your chances of appearing in front of your target audience and improving your Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

Don’t just try to put all of your keywords on one page though. A long-tail keyword strategy can involve creating bespoke landing pages for the different ways in which users search for your policies e.g. ‘exhibition insurance’ vs. ‘art exhibition insurance’.

Content writing

Show off your brand’s expertise and link to relevant insurance policies in useful articles so users can get the information they need. Blogging is one way to do this, but it should always be strategic. Try to find the questions users ask about your policies online and use those questions as your blog titles.


Backlinks are another ranking factor Google uses and having an effective outreach strategy can help drive traffic to your site from the websites of other businesses who aren’t direct competitors, but are relevant to your offerings. It is, however, critical for you to only build links with credible websites (ideally those with good E-A-T, which stands for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness - find out more about the importance of E-A-T here.)

Learn more about how to build links for SEO.

Checking your technical SEO and making improvements

From broken links and duplicate content to slow site speed, technical issues will affect your site’s performance and thereby, your ranking on the SERPs as Google will take this into account. Taking the time to discover any technical issues and fixing them will ensure your site runs smoothly and improves user experience.

Local SEO

Reach out to local consumers looking for insurance by improving your online visibility in specific regions. Find out more about local SEO and how it can help your business.

Online reviews can also help with your SEO efforts so try to enable reviews on your site. Not only can you encourage a user to invest in your insurance policy after reading positive feedback from others, search engines will also factor in your reviews to your ranking position as positive reviews indicate that your website is trustworthy and your site is recommended.

Want to see your site soar up the SERPs?

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By running PPC ads

Whilst SEO is essential for your insurance business’s long term marketing strategy, paid ads can drive instant traffic to your site. PPC for insurance companies is conversion-focused and allows you to target specific groups of people (through multi-layered targeting options such as demographics and sites your customers likely visit), so you can maximise your budget by showing ads for your insurance company to audiences who are likely to convert.

There’s a range of PPC ads you could use to drive more traffic to your website, including:

  • Remarketing ads - this is where you can display your ads to users who have already visited your site and shown an interest in your insurance policies.
  • Paid social ads (which we’ll touch on later) where you can advertise to your target audience on social media platforms.
  • Search ads - this involves selecting the keywords you want to appear for and creating eye-catching ad copy.
  • Video ads - these are short videos which are great for giving users more information about your products and services in a creative way (they’re particularly useful for advertising to new audiences who may be unfamiliar with your brand).

PPC advertising has many benefits, including the ability to measure ad performance in a very granular way, giving you control over how you spend your marketing budget as you can make data-driven decisions on how you adjust your ads which will help you to improve your Return on Investment (ROI). Moreover, you can select which pages you direct users to - driving them to the pages which convert best or are further down the purchasing funnel.

Looking to evolve your paid search campaigns?

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By utilising social media platforms

From video ads which can introduce your brand to new customers to shopping ads which allows users to easily reach your insurance policy pages, social media marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness, helping to increase leads and drive new visitors to your site as well as create a community for your customers to interact with your brand. Gone are the days where social media existed simply to connect its users, it now serves as a location for consumers to shop and research. Furthermore, you can also benefit from cross-channel data by integrating your social media and search campaigns, giving you a deeper insight into your consumers.

You can also use social media to retarget existing customers (i.e. Facebook retargeting ads) which enables you to entice previous customers and visitors to your site to convert. For example, a user may have been looking into taking out a health insurance policy and requested a quote but left your site to consider their options. A retargeting ad can then remind them of your policies and drive them back to your site to complete a purchase at a later time when they’re ready to enter the next stage of the purchasing funnel.

Moreover, it’s more important than ever to offer excellent customer service, and social media is another platform to engage with your customers and establish yourself as a brand which cares and communicates effectively.

Looking to take on social media by storm?

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By improving your email marketing strategy

Email marketing campaigns are another great way to raise awareness of your products, services and any promotions you’re running in a more direct way. It offers you a chance to remain connected with your subscribers and continue to build relationships with clients, brokers and consumers who wish to stay informed with your brand - helping to increase sales and conversions.

Email marketing campaigns can help your insurance business in the following ways:

  • You can include calls to action and links to your insurance policies/useful information which helps to drive more traffic to your site and encourages recipients to convert.
  • You can establish your brand identity.
  • You can stay connected with prospective and existing customers, helping you to acquire and convert new customers as well as retain existing ones.
  • You can increase your credibility by highlighting your expertise and industry knowledge, helping to earn your customers’ trust as you promote your products and services. You can also point subscribers to recent blog posts which helps to enlighten your audience further as you demonstrate your credibility.
  • You can create new opportunities, such as strategic partnerships and being invited to events which help you to raise more brand awareness. You never know who’s reading your emails and what’s in store!
  • You can keep your customers and clients up-to-date with any changes in the industry as well as the offerings you have available to them and how they’ll benefit from investing in insurance.

Want to brush-up on your email marketing strategy?

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Case study event insurance image

How we helped Event Insurance Services market their business online

Event Insurance Services offers event insurance to organisers of a range of events, from sporting events to festivals. Whilst repeat business was good, it was our job to raise brand awareness and increase new business leads. We helped them to refine their digital marketing strategy with a combination of PPC, SEO and content marketing campaigns, improving their organic search rankings and targeting the right groups at the right time which led to an increased number conversions and ROI.

Year on year, we saw organic search policy sales increase by 25%, the conversion rate for paid search improve by 15% and the return on paid ad spend increased by 32%.

Find out more about how we helped Event Insurance Services market their insurance online more effectively by reading our case study.

Improve your insurance company’s marketing strategy with Adido

Here at Adido, we are committed to being curious and candid as we work to help your insurance business see better results from your marketing efforts. We dive deep into the ‘why?’ behind each decision so that we can take data-based, informed steps to discover the best marketing strategy that works for you. We also strive to be honest and realistic about your goals and how we can reach them, treating your business and its accounts as if they were our own.

From improving your online visibility so that prospective customers can find you to making the most of your marketing spend to maximise your ROI, we can help your insurance business to evolve and thrive with new sales and leads. Get in touch today to see how we can improve your marketing strategy.

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