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Attention 20:20 Digital Debate Oct 2018

Wednesday 31 October - 12pm-2pm - Pavilion Dance, Bournemouth



With digital data & technology evolving at an astonishing rate, it’s time to take a moment to reflect on what this means for our future.

Is our digital future bright, or very, very dark? What implications does it have for our next generation? Will it make life easier, or should we be afraid?

Join us for our next gripping Attention! 20:20 Digital Debate on Halloween to hear our two expert speakers fight out their opposing views.

We promise you a lunchtime of spooky inspiration and a thought-provoking debate.

Our primary goal for running these free events is to educate as many as we can on the latest digital strategies that work and can help you get ahead in 2018 and beyond.




Our 20:20 events are designed to offer different opinions on a subject to give our audience genuine insight and value.

Our carefully selected speakers each have twenty minutes - one to talk about the positives and the other to present the opposing side of the argument.

As well as hearing from our highly experienced speakers talk through their opinions on the subject, there will be interactive and live discussions over a drink and lunch; plus a chance to network with other companies who are all working hard at discovering new ways of attracting attention from their targeted audiences.



Registration opens
Welcome introduction Andy Headington
Is our digital future bright? Rob Belgrave
Is our digital future dark? Nigel Gwilliam
Interactive audience participation & questions
Networking, lunch & drinks


Andy Headington
Andy Headington
Nigel Gwilliam
Nigel Gwilliam
Rob Belgrave
Rob Belgrave



Delegates represent some of the biggest and brightest brands from across the UK. From multi-national corporations, to local business leaders and exciting entrepreneurial start-ups, all attendees share one thing in common; a desire to improve their online presence. Industry giants, media owners, cutting-edge innovators and successful brands come together to explore the challenges of the digital environment.

Attention 20:20 Digital Debates are designed for those with an intermediate to professional knowledge of the marketing industry. If you are a business owner, marketing director or senior marketing manager then this is an event you can't afford to miss.



Attendance to Adido events is free to selected companies. Subscription to our events is extremely popular and often we have to turn people away. If you find that you can no longer attend, we politely request that you inform us at least 7 working days before the debate, so that your place may be offered to someone else. Adido organises events as a free way to share our expertise and experience, we reserve the right to charge a £100 cancellation fee to cover costs if you do not inform us of non-attendance before the above time period. Adido reserve the right to decline registration.


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The Attention Model

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