The pandemic put paid to our plans to host another epic Attention! event last summer. But since then we've been eager to get back to sharing the love of what we do and bringing in some great speakers to wow and educate you too.

We're delighted to announce that we are back with a bang for 2021, with our first ever Attention! webinar.

Our plan is to run a few webinars throughout the year focusing on topics which we have been told matter to our clients, they're some of their most pressing marketing challenges. So perhaps, you feel the same way too about marketing measurement, ecommerce, audience understanding and generally just generating more sales and leads?

Well, these are the loose topics for this year's webinar series, with the first one kicking off in a few weeks!

As keen marketing data experts, we've joined up with fellow marketing data guru Russell McAthy to bring you a fast-paced, energised, and extremely insightful session all about measuring marketing ROI.

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Russell has always placed data analytics at the heart of his career which spans more than a decade, and is currently leading the team at Ringside Data - a marketing data platform paving the way in forecasting, attribution and insight.

We've had a sneaky glimpse of his talk entitled Back to the Future: Using data to go travelling in time and we promise you you'll not be disappointed. Using Back to the Future as an entertaining back drop, Russell aims to cover aspects of reporting, attribution, machine learning and forecasting - he might need to travel in time to cover all of that in a one hour session, but we promise it'll be worth it.

No-one likes a boring webinar, and maybe the thought of data dulls you to sleep, but this will be far from it! We've seen Russell talk on many occasions and have thoroughly enjoyed his approach to data analysis. There's also the added bonus of Andy Headington compering and answering your questions - so you'll be mad to miss out.

The date has been set: Thursday February 25th at 2pm

The registration link is active: Register now

Webinar: How to measure marketing ROI more effectively


Keep your eyes peeled for further webinars in the coming months. If you'd like to be notified of our next events, register your interest here and we'll add you to our database.

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