Learn how to handle your digital marketing data to really understand your marketing ROI

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We have so much data at our fingertips - yet often don't have the resource, skill or time to utilise it to its fullest potential. It's also pretty hard to get clarity on measuring ROI on your marketing spend, especially if you're not handling the data effectively.

So we're delighted to have marketing data expert Russell McAthy with us to go through a number of practical examples to help you get the most from your marketing data.

With his talk entitled 'Back to the Future: Using data to go travelling in time' Russell will aim to give you the Back to the Future trilogy in his own unique way:

  • Part I: What you should be doing already with reports and dashboards
  • Part II: What you should do in the future using machine learning to value all elements of the consumer journey
  • Part III: Don't forget to consider the past by using statistical logic to understand big data

We will also be joined by Adido CEO, Andy Headington, who is a big advocate for understanding the impact of marketing spend on performance. He will share some of his many years' of experience analysing marketing performance and assessing ROI to inspire you to take your marketing measurement to the next level. It's not to be missed!

This live event has now ended, but if you missed it, you can submit your details to watch the webinar on-demand.

More about... Russell McAthy

Russell has been working in digital for over a decade with data analytics at the heart of his career.

Working with businesses from startup to FTSE100 he has guided teams to improve their marketing performance through data-led insight.

He now leads the team at Ringside Data - a Marketing Data Platform paving the way in Forecasting, Attribution and Insight for companies all over the globe.

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“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”
Dr. Emmett Brown
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More about.... Andy Headington

Andy is Adido's CEO, and is a keen speaker on digital marketing. Whether he's educating the marketing community on digital marketing techniques within SEO, PPC or social, or offering his point of view on digital, he is an avid thinker and educator.

Andy will combine his business owner point of view and agency perspective to offer a pragmatic approach to measuring marketing effectiveness.