The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has created a new buzzword in the content writing world: "robot" writers. But how close are we to having machines replace human writers and editors?

The answer is that, for now at least, AI is only an asset for content writing, not a replacement for human writers and editors.

AI will not replace SEO writers

AI is a tool; nothing more, nothing less. It will never replace human writers. So what is AI good for?

Using AI to write content can be incredibly helpful for SEO writers who are trying to produce large quantities of high-quality content on a consistent basis. In fact, many SEO experts believe that the future of online marketing will rely heavily on AI-powered writing services and tools like ours!

AI technology advances in content writing

AI is getting better at writing content. The early days of AI, when computers could only write the most basic of sentences and paragraphs, are over. Now, AI can write about a topic it has never covered before, which is a huge leap for the technology. In addition to this advancement in general writing ability, there have been improvements in other areas as well. For example:

  • AI can now write longer content than ever before. In previous years you would only see short snippets from bots, but now machines are capable of writing full articles… and even books! That's right, we're talking AIs that are capable not just of telling jokes but also penning entire novels!
  • And speaking of emotional content...machine learning algorithms have advanced enough so that they can understand context better than ever before too; meaning that they can actually tell us what they think about what they've written. Their take on whether or not we should trust them depends heavily upon how well-written an algorithm thinks its own output actually is (or isn't).

AI can read existing content far more easily than humans can

AI has a clear advantage over humans when it comes to reading data - it’s faster and more accurate. In fact, AI is already being used by several companies in the industry to monitor websites for content duplication or plagiarism. The reason why this system works so well is because it’s able to read vast amounts of text at a much faster rate than any human ever could, and that speed allows it to recognise similarities between different pieces of content much more easily than we would be able to do on our own.

Another factor working in favour of AI-powered bots is their ability to remain unbiased when reading text; research shows that humans tend to interpret information based on their own personal biases (which may be influenced by outside factors like gender or ethnicity). As such, we may make assumptions about what we read without even realising it!

AI is still years away from replacing human writers and editors

While an AI-generated article might be okay to read, it won't be good enough to rank in Google. That's because search engines want original content from humans - not robots.

They also want to know that what you write is accurate, engaging, and trustworthy. And how does Google know this? By looking at your history of writing for other companies and websites.

And let's not forget about the role of editors in all this: Editors are there to check spelling and grammar mistakes and make sure articles are well researched before publishing them on sites like Wikipedia or IMDb (the movie database). So even if an AI-generated article is well written, it still may not pass muster with an editor who knows what they're doing!

AI will never completely replace SEO writers and editors

  • AI can't replace human creativity.
  • AI will never be able to write a story or create content that is truly creative. It can come close, but it won't ever be able to fully capture the imagination of the audience.
  • AI can never replace human judgement.
  • AI cannot make decisions based on information and data alone, which means that there will always be a need for human decision-making in SEO writing and editing roles.


SEO writers and editors need to be able to work with AI technology—not against it. As the technology advances, SEO writers will have more tools at their disposal than ever before. And that means that the best SEO writers will be able to keep up with each other as well as any AI-powered writer could hope to do on their own.

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