10. Education - it’s what we do! We’re not here to sell, just to teach you lots!

Our primary goal for running events has always been not to try and sell our services as an agency, but to educate as many people as we can about the latest digital strategies that work.

I’m passionate for sharing knowledge and helping the local community and my commitment has led me to two great things; firstly to join the great board at Silicon South and also to take the Chair for the Digital South group with Business South.

Both are great fun as well as helping to start to connect the dots in our region. I want to support helping and educating professionals in our fantastic part of the world and that’s why we started and continue to run our Attention! Events. We make sure our guests have enough time to soak up the latest thinking, opinions and ideas from our industry experts; and wait until you see our best speaker line up yet at Attention! 2018.

9. Varied content

I’m so proud of our content plan this year; if you’re a professional in marketing then I know every single minute of Attention! will be of use to you in your day to day world. Of course we’ll be looking at emerging technologies and their importance; but we’ll also give valuable advice on current fundamental skills, as well as inspiring you with some of our awesome speakers.

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