The latest installment from my mini series on SEO tips is in response to another audience question:

What daily/weekly checks should you do?


  1. Are you still indexed? - Head to Google and search for 'site: yourdomain'
  2. Search console data - look out for...
    1. Manual penalties
    2. Security issues
    3. Errors (a change in the number)
    4. Increase in excluded pages
    5. Decrease in number of valid pages
  3. Rankings - any fluctuations here that are of a concern
  4. Traffic performance - is it normal? stable?
  5. Conversion results - are these normal?
  6. Ranking opportunities - these daily checks could trigger a change in tact (for a short period of time) to maximise an opportunity to gain (or avoid losses) on changes to keyword rankings. Strike whilst the iron is hot!

If you want a more intense checklist process, find out how to conduct a technical SEO site audit here!

And currently, that's all folks! During the height of lockdown I compiled all these videos from my toddler's bedroom. For the full playlist you can visit YouTube.

SEO tips from a toddler's bedroom - the complete list

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