How much should you spend on a GA4 migration? We'll show you how to make that decision.

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As we hurtle through the autumn months, the reality of ‘the end of Google Analytics as we know it!’ is becoming increasingly important to address.

On one end of the scale, you could take short cuts and achieve quick wins but you might be forcing UA practices into the GA4 infrastructure that won't belong in the long term. Alternatively you could embark on a full scale, fully documented, fully audited transition, which takes advantage of the massive range of capabilities within the platform, but will come at an eye watering cost.

You'll probably want something in the middle, so how do you decide where to make compromises?

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Google Analytics 4 is your chance to start afresh with your analytics set-up and naming conventions. Don't pollute your GA4 profile with redundant events nor try and fit a Universal Analytics approach to GA4 because it's what you're used to.
Julius Fedorovicius
Analytics Mania

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Andy Headington

Andy is Adido's CEO, and is a keen speaker on digital marketing. Whether he's educating the marketing community on digital marketing techniques within SEO, PPC or social, or offering his point of view on digital, he is an avid thinker and educator.

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Kherrin Wade

Kherrin leads our digital marketing specialists and has over 16 years' experience working with performance marketing channels and analytics. Always keen to understand 'the so what' and 'why' when measuring marketing performance, Kherrin has been spending time understanding more about GA4 and researching alternative platforms on the market. She'll be present during the webinar to answer questions.

Laure Hessin

Laure is our Tracking and SEO Manager and a 'hands-on' expert when it comes to Google Analytics. She is immersing herself in migrations and will be on hand throughout the webinar to add her practical experience of the platform.

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