When creating landing pages and articles, it is really important to maximise every element on the page that can provide the right signals to search engines.

Here are my top 5 in the latest episode in my SEO tips from a toddler's bedroom series.

Where to use your target keywords when optimising a page for SEO value

  1. URL
  2. H1 tag - only 1 should be present on the page, and a key signal to search engines on relevancy
  3. Body text - throughout the content but ensure it is included as naturally as possible, no-one
  4. Image alt attribute - when adding images to the page, upload the file with a keyword optimised label plus provide a keyword relevant image alt tag
  5. Meta title - the headline for your organic search listing is paramount to attract attention and encourage clicks so making it as aligned to the search query as possible is really important

Secondary (supporting) elements

These elements aren't necessarily directly used by search engines to qualify the appropriateness of the page to the target phrase however they offer good signals and supplementary indications that the page is highly relevant

  • H2 - when scanning content on the page, H2 and/or H3 tags etc can reassure the user that the content is aligned to their needs
  • Meta description - has a bearing on the user CTR within SERPs - higher CTRs can also lead to better rankings over time as search engines want to give their user's relevant information
  • Internal link anchor text
  • Schema - article schema article will be the topic of the next episode so stay tuned!
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