In a world cluttered with marketing messages and advertising slogans, it takes something really special to catch your eye and make you pay attention. But what makes a campaign truly attention-grabbing? Is it in the offering of the campaign? The emotion? Or perhaps the entertainment value? Here we take a look at some of the most recent digital campaigns that really caused people to stop and take notice.

As we sat and admired the unbelievable feats achieved by Olympians at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, many of us wondered just how they manage to achieve such spectacular sporting accomplishments. As we watched their muscular frames push themselves to the limit, we find ourselves looking at our own bodies and asking, “I wonder if I could do that?”

The BBC helped us answer that question, with their ‘Who Is Your Olympic Body Match’ campaign. This asset analyses your height, weight, age and gender to discover which Olympic athletes you are similar to. As a 27 year old male with a height of 6 foot 2 inches and weighing 12 stone 3 pounds I was matched with swimmers Mohammad Hussein and Christos Katrantzis as well as sailor Jason Saunders – lucky I like water ey?

The Olympic body match calculator finds your match by searching a database of over 10,500 athletes using a mathematical technique called ‘Euclidean distance’, which calculates the distance between the user’s details and all of the athletes. It then selects the athletes that have the closest match to the user. Try it for yourself!

Pizza hut movie projectors

Pizza and movies have gone hand in hand for a long time now as we settle down in front of the television with friends and family to stuff our faces and watch the latest blockbuster. Pizza Hut has caught on to this notion and released the ‘Blockbuster Box’ – a pizza box that allows you to watch your movies cinema style!

The Blockbuster Box has an ingenious design as a pizza box which turns into a movie projector powered by your Smartphone! Simply punch out the hole in the front of the box and attach the lens which is provided within the box (disguised as the ‘pizza table’ which stops the pizza from sticking to the top of the box). You then position your phone within the box, press play and enjoy! Sadly, this is only available in Hong Kong at the moment, but hopefully it will hit the UK soon!

The guardian messenger bot

With so much going on with your friends and family on your Facebook news feed and numerous intelligent conversations about your best friend’s cousin’s girlfriend’s half-brother’s latest shenanigans in Facebook Messenger, who’s got time to check the news of the world? The Guardian has found a solution that brings the news to your conversations!

The Guardian's new Facebook Messenger bot is your very own personalised news reporter on your phone! All you need to do is strike up a conversation with The Guardian in Facebook Messenger by saying ‘Get Started’ and it will ask if you would like a morning news briefing delivered to you each day, at a time specified by you. You can even search for specific news sectors, offering a truly unique experience! The only downside to this bot is that it does not yet understand humour as it offered me quite a bleak article when I asked it to “Show me the money” (Jerry Maguire)…

Walkers barmy for a sarnie

We love a good crisp in the Adido office and Walkers new ‘Barmy for a sarnie’ range of sandwich flavoured crisps has certainly caught our attention. Playing on the British love for sandwiches, the new flavours include Bacon and Tomato Ketchup, Cheese Toastie and Worcester Sauce, Sausage and Brown Sauce, Ham and Mustard, Cheese, Cucumber and Sour Cream and Roast Chicken and Mayonnaise - Yum!

Walkers has created a competition which connects the physical product to the digital world, as people enjoying their Cheese, Cucumber and Sour Cream (not entirely sure about this flavour) crisps have to enter their 10 digit code from the back of the packet onto the Walkers microsite. Not only does this get people buying more crisps (you are limited to five attempts a day, I have one left today), but it also increases engagement on their site massively!

Drawing attention to your brand

Campaigns like these really take advantage of the endless possibilities that digital presents to brands. Whether it’s a fun piece of content that goes viral or a new approach that adds real value to the user experience, digital campaigns can make all the difference when it comes to being seen in such a cluttered world. What are your favourite conversations? Join the conversation over on Twitter or Facebook.

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