Taking inspiration from outstanding marketing campaigns and break through ideas within the industry is something that gets our brains ticking and lights a fire in our bellies, so it’s only right that we share some of the most attention grabbing campaigns we’ve seen in the past month with our audience! Here are a handful of the innovative campaigns we have taken a keen interest in recently.

The simpsons vr couch gag

Simpsons gags and jokes are a regular feature in the Adido office, so we are always excited to see when the Simpsons are embracing the digital world to give their modern audience a new perspective on the show. To celebrate their 600th episode, the Simpsons have branched out into the world of virtual reality to bring a couch gag like no other.

Released on iOS and Android smartphones, the ‘Planet of the Couches’ parody is available via the Google Spotlight Stories app and is compatible with Google Cardboard and other VR headsets. The story takes the viewer on a short journey where they can explore the surrounding environment and laugh along with their favourite characters.

As The Simpsons started in 1989, this is a great example of how a brand can and should adapt to the technologies available to them today. With a loyal following already, this kind of campaign is a great way to attract a new, tech savvy and modern audience whilst giving existing fans a little extra treat!

Topshop’s ‘retail to runway’

The line between online and offline is becoming increasingly blurred, and rightly so. We are all connected at all times, whether it’s through our smartphones, smart watches or tablets, therefore businesses need to be ready to grab their audience at the optimum time when they are at their most engaged. Fashion brand Topshop are more than aware of this which is why their latest campaign, ‘Retail To Runway’ brought London Fashion Week straight to the consumer.

The campaign sought to catch their audience at their most ‘purchase ready’ time, therefore they livestreamed the London Fashion Week catwalk on their website and made the items of clothing immediately available for purchase right afterwards. The campaign also consisted of online editorial about London Fashion Week and Topshop app notifications regarding the event. So whether you were watching live at the event or streaming online, you could choose your favourite piece and buy it instantly.

Topshop VR meme

This type of real time marketing is so important in the fast paced world of consumerism, especially within the fashion industry where consumers want to be the first to have the latest trends. This is a great example of how to use digital to take advantage of external activities such as relevant events and capitalise on the income it can bring your business.

Hilton hhonors app gets an upgrade

There is quite a debate at Adido over the relevance of apps in a world where mobile optimised websites are becoming more and more user friendly. However, if you’re a frequent traveller, the Hilton HHonors app might offer some real benefits to your experience.

Sticking with the idea of combining the online world with the offline world, the Hilton HHonors app gives the user a map view of the hotel so they can choose a room and know exactly where they will be located when they get there. But the experience doesn’t stop there, as you can also book your cab to the hotel, check in and even unlock your room with the app’s digital key.

Customising the user experience and providing an offering which is convenient and simple to use is something that can be hard to do, but Hilton seems to be doing that. This app really seems to improve the customer experience with Hilton which is something all businesses strive to do.

Adidas ‘football needs creators’

In the media rich world of today, footballers are more than just sportsmen and women, they are becoming brands in their own right. Adidas have clearly taken note of that fact as they have found the perfect brand affiliate for their new campaign, Paul Pogba.

Adidas teamed up with Paul Pogba to tell the story of his journey to becoming a world famous footballer, all within one minute and 21 seconds! The idea is to inspire other young footballers to become creators of content, therefore building more brands within the industry.

This type of campaign is clever because it uses a trusted and admired name such as Paul Pogba’s in order to promote a message from the Adidas brand. Brands that can recognise and utilise a relationship with another brand open the door to a whole new audience, just make sure you choose wisely!

Creating your attention grabbing campaign

It’s not just big brands like the ones listed in this article that can use digital innovation and big ideas to achieve their goals, you can do it too! Whether you need help formulating your next big idea or executing your campaign in style, we can help. Feel free to contact us and start planning your next hard hitting campaign today!

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