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Despite the build up to Christmas being at the forefront of everybody’s mind, businesses are still working hard and delivering some fantastic marketing campaigns and digital experiences which raise their brands profile and improve the customer experience. Here are just a few that have caught our eye for all the right reasons recently.


Starbucks Digital Stores

Starbucks digital stores have been on the cards for a while now, but with their recent revelation of plans to open 12,000 new stores by 2021 it just got a bit more real! The digital aspects of this store will include a digital ordering system in store as well as the opportunity to ‘click and collect’ their coffee from their mobile with payment via the Starbucks app. There are also plans to integrate voice recognition for rewards program members ordering via the app and a partnership with WeChat which will allow gifting to friends and family.

All of these digital upgrades will enable Starbucks to offer a speedy, highly efficient and personalised service. This is the way businesses should be thinking going forward, and with so much technology available to improve processes and invigorate experiences, it’s an opportunity not to be missed. Starbucks are not the only organisation thinking with their digital caps on but they are certainly innovating the industry. Oh and also, did we mention the epic new Christmas Cup designs they have this year!? We like them too!


google vr window shopping

Google Shopping is bringing a Christmas shoppers favourite experience, window shopping, to their home. The new experience, named ‘Window Wonderland’, offers viewers a virtual tour of New York’s famous Christmas shop windows on Fifth Avenue which are on display during the Christmas period. There are 18 different stores on display, including Ralph Lauren and Tiffany & Co. This is a great example of how VR can help people to experience something they would not normally get to enjoy.

While the display can be viewed on desktop or mobile, it’s best viewed using Google Cardboard or Google’s own headset, Google View, so this makes a great promotional piece for those products. It also demonstrates how useful VR can be to businesses with a shop front as they can offer people the experience of their shop before they even visit it so they know exactly what to expect and where to locate their favourite items when they arrive.



On the 10th December this year, the transportation network, Uber, ran a charitable campaign in the UK which was utterly heart-warming. Teaming up with charity ‘Age UK’, Uber made its drivers available all day to collect donations from willing members of the public. Users of the Uber app simply had to request a driver to come and pick up their donation absolutely free of charge. This isn’t the first time Uber have released this campaign as they used Uber Giving to help with the refugee crisis earlier this year. This campaign took place in 83 cities across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It’s a great campaign which shows how organisations can use their existing technology and processes to do something positive, which also makes for really great PR!



We all remember the days of eagerly flicking through the Argos catalogue and picking out all the amazing toys and gifts we wanted for Christmas. From the new Action Man to a Sony Walkman, all of the best gifts were in there, but book marking all those pages and lugging a 2KG catalogue around was quite a task. The kids of today will never know that struggle as Argos have a helpful little App called ‘My Christmas Wishlist’. While the app has been around for several years now, it’s had a few updates to improve usability recently and has really hit home with kids this year.

While the app is designed for kids, with fun games, interactive ways to build a wish list and lots of cool animated characters to keep them entertained, there are important settings which the parents need to consider first. Adults can limit the number of products the child can add to their list (because let’s face it, we all became a little wild and demanding, didn’t we?), set a maximum price and enter an email address for the wishlist to be sent to. This is a great way for Argos to interact with their main customers at Christmas, the kids, in an ethical way by making the wishlist experience easier, more fun and by offering the parents more control.

With so many amazing things going on in the world of digital right now, we are getting very excited about what 2017 will have in store. If you want to start an innovative new digital campaign in the New Year, get in touch with us today and we can start looking into some awesome ideas for you!


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