Episode 8 of my tips from a toddler's bedroom series focuses on analysing a web page for its full SEO value.

Before you delete a page that you think holds no value, I advise you to go through this SEO checklist:

Before deleting a page, go through this checklist

  • When was the page published? How old is the content, and have you given it enough time to shine?
  • Does the content get traffic? Are people landing on your site from this page? Or does it carry good pageviews as your audience values this piece?
  • Have there been any conversions from this page?
  • Does the page rank? Even if it's low down, instead of deleting perhaps you can improve instead?
  • Are their backlinks present to this page? Remember how hard it is to obtain these!
  • Is the page highly relevant to your industry? Is it about a main service or connected to your business? It could be offering up the right signals to search engines but not necessarily benefiting from it in its own right.
  • Where do the internal links pass equity through to? Like backlinks this page could be fundamental to your internal link architecture and the overall perception of what your website is all about.

So before you hit that delete button.... make sure you're not losing a valuable asset even when at first sight it may not be doing much for you.

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