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Website Hosting - You Get What You Pay For

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I’ve been making and running websites now for over 13 years, one thing that always baffles me is how much businesses are willing to pay for their website hosting. I’ve used lots of providers over the years ranging from cheap to respectfully expensive. Ideally whoever is currently running (or building) your site should have an understanding of what the requirements of that website should be. I would much rather pay for a service and know what I am getting than pay less and get “Free” things included. An itemised bill of every £ spent would be ideal.


I’m not necessarily talking about the normal:


But also the technical:


When looking at potential hosting providers, are these questions being answered? An example popular hosting provider features page includes this.

 A list of popular web hosting features


Let’s break this down and tackle each item individually:

Being on newer CPUs has many advantages, not only for site speed and efficiency but also for using less power and generating less heat = better for the environment


Ideally, Google recommends this to be below 600ms. Having a slow server/database/ disks can have a direct impact on this. Recently we upgraded the server for a client's website which only upgraded the CPU (disks, RAM, OS, PHP version, network throughput were all identical) and we saw their TTFB drop by 50%. The new server costs the same as the old one and had a massive boost in performance.

 Web Transaction Time Summary


Poor Conversion Speeds

If you are paying huge amounts to direct traffic to your website and you give every user a slow-performing website, they are much less likely to convert. If you can invest in your website infrastructure then this can have an immediate boost to your conversion rates. The point of investing in your website infrastructure is particularly relevant for e-commerce and pure-play businesses where good infrastructure is essential to generate conversions. 

You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari and then fuel it with water, so why invest in building a good website without an excellent supporting infrastructure. In short, finding the cheapest website hosting provider should never be a consideration for buyers.



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