User experience and user interface design are crucial elements of brand building. Unless you've time-travelled from the 16th century and run a forge, your business probably relies on a website or app to generate growth. Good UX and UI are elements that make or break the digital presence of a business.

On a very basic level, some of the fundamentals of good UX and a good UI include:

  • Good page navigation
  • Easy to find information
  • Clear action
  • A well crafted checkout feature

As users or shoppers, many of us take such things for granted.

However, if a website makes hard work of an enquiry, or if completing a purchase requires more clicks than a trip to the chiropractors, we swiftly exit the website and find an alternative with one quick Google search.

As we move into an era where online competition is impossibly fierce and growing all the time, yielding an immediate buy-in from your target consumer is critical. This is particularly true when building a loyal customer base who can be relied on to make return visits to the website and indeed, return purchases.

At Adido, our designs are informed by enquiry and direct observation using quantitative, qualitative, attitudinal, and behavioural research which we collate to produce actionable insight.

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The fact is, design decisions should be made on the back of analysis and modelling before ever being put into action. You wouldn't want to have spent all that time driving your target audience to your website or app only to fall at the final hurdle because you've ignored the facts and picked a style of the menu on the basis that you've always liked it.

No doubt about it, it's easy to fall into the trap of making business and design decisions based on your own personal experience, rather than off the back of empirical data.

When you reach the part of the process where you begin visualising and prototyping, you should always be creating low-fidelity, and crucially, interactive wireframes to showcase your concepts.

By working through this process, you will be in a position to enhance solutions, make changes, and test user journeys all of which lends itself to reaching the end goal of giving the customer what they want when they want it and how they would expect it.

"Adido’s unique solution has been a very impressive and effective way in which Hampshire’s residents can keep up to date with plans in their area. It is easy to navigate, user-friendly and we have already received a lot of positive feedback."

Glenn Peacey

Hampshire County Council

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