We are delighted to announce the partnership with Tisski, where we’ll be managing their paid search, social ads and SEO activity.

Tisski is the company to turn to if you’re introducing Microsoft technology that can and will transform an organisation.

Founded in 2011, Tisski is one of the UK’s leading Microsoft Gold Partners and cloud solutions providers, achieving the coveted Microsoft Inner Circle for Business Applications status for the third year running. Tisski has grown rapidly over the past few years - growth that has been driven by their expertise, delivery and industry knowledge.

With ambition to grow even further, Tisski has awarded Adido the opportunity to help them hit their targets. Based on data driven insights and a level of knowledge and expertise to match Tisski’s, Adido will aim to grow marketing qualified leads and increase sales.

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Over the coming months, Adido will be implementing strategic campaigns in paid search and social channels, followed by an SEO campaign later this year. Managing Tisski’s multiple marketing channels allows Adido experts to collaborate, share knowledge and strategies that work hand in hand, enabling Tisski to achieve their goals.

Tisski’s target audience requirement is vast. Public sector is a huge focus for its PPC campaigns, but Adido needs to ensure opportunities are not missed in other sectors, such as, financial, commercial, property management, member organisations and not for profit sector.

We have recommended a combination of paid and organic search plus social media on LinkedIn to reach people when they’re actively in-market, but also when they might be open to finding out more, generating a demand that may have not previously been there.

A newly created Google Analytics profile had meant there was limited useful data being tracked, so, Tisski was keen to implement watertight tracking across their website in order to drill down into what is driving success and inform optimisation decisions. Ensuring all vital website interactions are tracked puts Tisski in a great position to achieve their growth plans, and we prefer not to embark on digital campaigns without them.

We’re excited to see how this project develops as the foundations are securely built and our growth plans are put into action.

Say hello now if you need assistance with your paid search or social campaigns.

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