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Including fears of Google discontinuing free ads support, advertisers opting for LinkedIn Ads over Twitter Ads despite rising costs and Microsoft Ads new features for targeting sports fans.

Google Ads confirms continued cost-free support during AI improvements

Amid concerns of Google Ads withdrawing cost-free support due to trialling a paid support update in August 2023 (which offered personalised 1-1 support to small businesses), Google has now confirmed that cost-free support will remain available.

Recent focus on AI improvements hints at significant changes ahead, aiming to enhance user experiences. The shift towards AI is anticipated to reshape support services, but Google has ensured users that support won't vanish entirely.

Advertisers, especially those with limited budgets, heavily rely on Google Ads support to tackle campaign issues. Losing this assistance might hinder problem-solving for campaign performance, impacting ad revenue.

Paidadssupportgoogleadsaiadvancements image

Advertisers have observed a decline in support quality, longer resolution times, and the introduction of a paid support program. While AI's increased role in support is anticipated, industry experts doubt it can fully replace human assistance.

LinkedIn advertising costs increase during Twitter backlash

LinkedIn ad prices have spiked, rising by as much as 30% due to increased demand resulting from the X advertiser boycott.

As businesses consider removing ad spend from X, LinkedIn emerges as a viable alternative. Despite promising returns, the switch comes with higher costs, meaning LinkedIn ad prices operate on an auction system influenced by market demand. Increased demand results in higher ad costs.

Despite the steep rise in ad expenses, marketers claim substantial returns, with reported ROI reaching up to 20%.

Penry Price, LinkedIn's VP of Marketing Solutions, attributes this to the platform's robust targeting capabilities, boasting twice the buying power of the average web audience, with four out of five members influencing business decisions.

Microsoft Ads launches tailored solution for sports fans

Microsoft Advertising offers new solutions to connect with sports enthusiasts, providing a range of targeted strategies.

Engaging sports fans

Amid a competitive advertising landscape, tapping into the passion of sports audiences presents a lucrative opportunity for brands. Microsoft Advertising aims to help advertisers reach fans consistently, beyond major events.

Audience segmentation

Understanding diverse fan segments like enthusiasts, casual viewers, and participants, is crucial. Microsoft Advertising enables precise targeting through tools like demographic targeting on MSN Sports and in-market audiences for sports gear.

Integrated approach and support

The platform encourages seamless integration of existing content and provides transparent reporting, coupled with support from Microsoft's team for campaign optimisation.

Collaborating for success

Marketers are encouraged to collaborate with Microsoft for enhanced sports marketing outcomes as they move forward into the new year.

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