Now that TOY is well and truly behind us, we’ve been looking at some of the best travel campaigns of 2019 so far and it’s interesting to see what some of the biggest and best of the travel industry are doing to capture engagement and make the user experience a personal one.

Take a look at our pick of some of the most inspirational travel marketing campaigns and our view on their online strategy:

Crystal ski- the mountain is yours


This clever marketing campaign from Crystal Ski incorporated an interactive quiz which enabled users to find out what type of skier they are, based on the responses given to a series of questions. Crystal Ski then provided recommendations of the best ski resorts that suit the user based on their personality and how they like to ski.

Interactive Quiz:

After completing the quiz, the user is matched with a ski type that describes their skiing characteristics, based on the responses given. Crystal Ski use this as an opportunity to match users with their ideal ski resort and show current deals available to those specific areas:

We loved this campaign as it is a great demonstrator of how personalisation can be used to provide unique website experiences for each customer. It is a simple, yet effective way of capturing data to ensure that the best recommendations are made to suit the requirements of each holiday-goer.

Tui- Find your holiday in 10 easy steps

This campaign by TUI was similar to Crystal Ski in that it encouraged users to complete a quiz in order to find out which holiday type suited them best.

A series of questions are asked, which cover everything from the amount of time they wish to spend flying, to whether they want to spend their time looking at natural wonders or man-made attractions.

The results then listed the best locations suited to the user, with a short description to briefly describe each destination. With the option to view more or to see the best deals, TUI have successfully used this method to personalise the decision-making process for each customer.

STA TRAVEL- #StartTheAdventure

STA Travel’s #StartTheAdventure campaign is prevalent across their website as well as all social channels and aims to encourage a youthful audience to ‘start an adventure’ through travel.

The campaign has been a great success in encouraging engagement through the use of content that is relatable to their youthful audience, with many followers interacting with the brand through shares and tagging friends on posts.

Visit Britain- I Travel For

In 2018, Visit Britain launched their global marketing campaign: ‘ I Travel For’ in order to boost inbound tourism in Britain. This campaign used story-telling through film to highlight and demonstrate the unexpected areas of Britain that are less-explored compared to some of the most popular tourist destinations.

The campaign aimed to use consumer motivations to create tailored content for several different target audiences, which has been shared on social platforms globally. The use has the option to change their reason for travel, which then displays tailored content to the selected reason.

Their image-focussed and tactical campaigns have proven to work well, with this campaign assisting in driving the aspiration to travel and has resulted in a huge increase of travel bookings.

We’ve previously looked at some of the most inspirational travel marketing campaigns, but what these more recent travel marketing campaigns have shown us is that the importance of user experience is stronger than ever. Gaining attention and user engagement has proven to be a successful tactic in creating inspirational travel marketing campaigns, with many of the brands mentioned proving this to be the case. Multi-channel campaigns continue to demonstrate their success, proving that a good mix of communication across social channels, website, a strong email strategy and some traditional methods is the best way to capture your audience’s attention.

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