We are delighted to announce our exciting new PPC, SEO and GA4 partnership with Motorsport Tickets, a leading provider in the world of motorsport events and ticketing for Formula 1, Moto GP, Le Mans and many more high adrenaline races.

Motorsport Tickets are a pivotal ticket provider in the motorsport industry and have been for many years, offering fans and enthusiasts seamless access to some of the most thrilling racing events around the globe.

Established as a premier ticketing platform, Motorsport Tickets has earned its reputation as the go-to source for motorsport enthusiasts, providing customers the opportunity to experience the excitement of Formula 1, MotoGP, and other prestigious racing series.

As part of our partnership, our goal is to enhance the organic and paid search visibility for Motorsport Tickets, ensuring that fans have easier access to the incredible world of motorsport events.

Our SEO strategy encompasses two key approaches.

  • Firstly, we aim to maintain the strong brand presence of Motorsport Tickets in search engine results, making it easier for motorsport fans to find their way to the events they love.
  • Secondly, we intend to expand the visibility of Motorsport Tickets for priority Grand Prix races and additional race series, ensuring that a wider range of events and experiences can be discovered.

A full technical audit has already been completed to ensure the technical health of the Motorsport Tickets website, including reviewing technical elements such as page speed, internal linking and structured data, is as strong as it can be before we tackle other SEO elements.

We will also be conducting regular technical SEO checks to ensure the website continually aligns with best practices as the SEO landscape evolves.

In addition to technical SEO enhancements, our SEO approach incorporates a comprehensive keyword and content strategy, aimed at securing higher rankings and bolstering the non-brand search visibility for Motorsport Tickets.

All of the above will work hand in hand with a defined PPC strategy, aiming to increase SERP real estate. Accepting we are competing with Formula 1 directly who dominate the organic rankings, PPC can provide absolute top of page visibility to maximise Motorsport Tickets’ chances of getting the click. PPC will focus on prioritised races from the F1 calendar as well as the numerous and unrivalled hospitality options that Motorsport Tickets provide.

A transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has also been necessary so our partnership also includes assisting Motorsport Tickets in setting up and launching a new GA4 property. Accurate website data tracking is paramount for Motorsport Tickets to evaluate performance and in turn achieve their revenue targets. Our proactive approach and understanding of GA4 will ensure a smooth transition and elevate the business' data insights.

With numerous petrol heads and F1 fans in the agency, we are thrilled to partner with Motorsport Tickets on these exciting projects. We look forward to enhancing the accessibility of motorsport events through a thorough SEO & PPC strategy with a robust tracking setup, ensuring that more fans can experience the excitement and adrenaline of the motorsport world.

If you're looking for organic or paid growth, get in touch with our expert team!

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