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Introducing our new team members

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It’s shaping up to be an extremely busy period at Adido, after winning several new accounts, we have expanded the team and introduced some new faces.

Adido is proud to welcome Jane, Andy, Sophie, and Ursula on-board following a company restructure and investment in our client focused departments.

Joining as our new social media manager is Jane Cooper. A #wiz with all things in the social sphere, we can count on Jane to create engaging digital campaigns worthy of ‘shares’, ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’ to get our clients the social footprint they require.

Andy Silvers has joined as client services director. Andy sets an example of how client relationships should be handled, to ensure that Adido remain one of the most effective teams in the industry.

Sophie Dobbs has been appointed as project manager. Sophie oversees the planning, implementation and management of the marketing and creative campaigns that are delivered by Adido. Sophie’s skillset ensures that all projects are of the highest quality and most importantly are on time and budget!

The latest addition to the clan is Ursula Holland, who will be managing the Adido purse strings as our new accounts assistant.

Andy Headington, CEO, said: “The new Adido members bring with them a variety of expertise and knowledge that will not only bring a tighter focus on customer relationship quality in our team, but also great personalities that will add to our already fantastic company culture.”

It’s great to have you as part of the family!

If you are interested in being part of our exciting team then head over to our careers page to check out the latest vacancies


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