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Instagram Travel Influencers

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 The dream job of travelling the world and experiencing the extraordinary is now a reality thanks to the world of social media and brands willing to pay big money!

There is, however, an art to being an instagram influencer. Stories need to be told along with stunning photography leaving the audience drooling over the destinations and ready to book their holidays to experience the same adventures. Influencers can turn their experiences into money as brands are willing to pay for the likes of accommodation and fashion in return for sponsored content. However, if it was as easy as posting your holiday snaps up and hoping to get an instant deal to travel the world we would all be doing it...


Top tips on how to become a travel influencer

Below are 10 travel influencers I think are worth following to brighten up your instagram feed and inspire your next holiday!


I follow this couple because they add romance to their feed, enjoying their travels together. They look like a model couple with their images having great compositions and quality. One half of the couple is a professional photographer which helps!



Consistent with the use of the iconic hand holding from behind pose, this feed is full of colour, personality and great destinations.



Extensive narrative with each post which enables lots of brand promotion but in a way that leaves you feeling it is part of the adventure rather than in your face selling of products.



A great story of ticking off your bucket list through travel. However I like this feed because the photography feels consistent and human.


A brand of real life, travelling whilst still working 9-5. An inspiration for most of us. He also keeps up a great dialogue with his followers making the audience feel connected to the travels by asking questions and replying to posts.



It is reported this couple can charge up to 7k a post for their jaw dropping images coupled with brand promotion throughout



Scenic images that feel like pieces of art and extreme adventures thrown in, this influencer has brand partnering with the likes of apple music.



Great landscapes with a moody atmospheric feel to them. A top following on instagram and he is only 17.



Beautifully consistent images showing iconic food for iconic destinations. Held in the same manner creating a strong theme to feed and giving you a great insight into the popular food choices of each destination.



More of a piece of art this feed is mainly black and white and captures great architecture with emotion.


Why brands should use influencers


Whether you aspire to be an influencer or to partner with influencers, the consistent theme is to keep your content authentic and different and be engaged with your audience.


Hopefully some of these influencers will help with your travel plans this year!


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