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How To Spend Your Marketing Budget Effectively

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Understanding where your business should be spending its marketing budget can be pivotal in determining your business's success.

There is one all-important choice you must make when looking to get this right. That choice is whether your business should use its budget to pursue a wholesale website redesign, or whether you should pump your budget into ramping up traffic on your current site.

In the video below we discuss this dilemma drawing on examples from clients that we've worked with who also struggled with this dilemma. We also address what factors could come into play for your business in making this choice.



When looking to drive traffic to your website, consider the value of both paid media and search engine optimisation.

With paid media, there are typically three channels available to help make this happen. They are paid search, display and social media ad - all of these can be used in a remarketing capacity as well.

Likewise, with SEO, fundamental ranking factors require optimisation if your business is to stand a chance of driving traffic to your website this way. These essential factors are on-page content optimisation, technical optimisation, and page speed optimisation.

In the video below, we show the processes that you should be following if you're hoping to get more bang for your buck when driving traffic to your website.



It’s important to note that not all marketing channels are created equally. It’s expected that conversion rates for some channels will be higher than others.

With this in mind, finding ways of increasing your conversion rates is crucial.

If you’re struggling to find ways of increasing conversion rates across various channels, optimisation of those channels within your sales funnel is an excellent starting point.

Optimisation within your sales funnel could entail taking a look at the processes within each stage or considering the behavioural tendencies of your target customers.

You should also give consideration to where your website traffic is coming from. User intent from your channels may also be crucial.

In the video below, we provide a detailed breakdown of the steps you can take to help improve conversion rates for your business.


We hope that you've found the information presented in these workshops useful. If you feel that you're in need of a little more insight into how your business should be spending its budgets, why not get in touch? Alternatively, take a look at the other strategic solutions we can provide to your business. 



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