TripAdvisor attracts over 300 million average users a month, has over 7 million registered businesses and is home to over 730 million reviews. TripAdvisor is considered a high authority site which has a significant impact on your SEO, so getting your ranking as high as possible could do wonders in ensuring customers use your business, instead of your competitors.

The key driving force behind your TripAdvisor ranking is their Popularity Ranking Algorithm. This algorithm uses three main factors to decide the position of your business against your competitors:

The more reviews you have, the better. TripAdvisor needs access to a large amount of reviews in order to provide a statistically meaningful comparison with other businesses.

How can you improve your TripAdvisor review quantity?

  • A more accurate ranking is achieved through gaining as many reviews as possible. Although this may seem like a lengthy task, TripAdvisor has various free tools that can help you to encourage customers to leave reviews. For example, after you have collated your email database, TripAdvisor allows you to send out automatic reminder emails via Review Express to encourage customers to review your business.
  • Other tools to help generate TripAdvisor reviews include placing stickers around high-traffic areas within the business location or installing free widgets on third-party sites. It could even be as simple as handing out cards to remind customers to review you or asking them in person.

It is a common rule that the higher ratings you get results in higher rankings. The quality is determined by your ‘bubble’ score, which is affected by each customer’s review, especially the rating that the customer provided in their feedback.

How can you improve your TripAdvisor review quality?

  • Gaining a high-quality score all comes down to providing the best customer service and experience possible. This all starts with your TripAdvisor listing and making sure that all the information you are providing is correct and up to date.
  • Your quality ranking score can also be improved by responding to all your reviews, regardless of whether they’re positive or negative. This shows that you are staying on top of all customer responses, allowing you to stay concentrated on improving customer experience. In addition to this, responding to your negative reviews increases the chances of your customers updating their response and improving their rating, making it more likely that your business will rank higher.

More value is awarded to the most recent reviews, making it extremely important to have a constant stream of positive reviews of your business. TripAdvisor has also stated that review quantity and recency are linked closely, meaning a large number of new reviews will hold more weight than the same number of reviews posted weeks ago.

How can you improve your TripAdvisor review recency?

  • Improving your review recency comes down to not only getting more reviews but ensuring that these reviews are of a constant high standard.
  • A continuous stream of positive reviews minimises the chance of your business dropping in rankings and also provides you with the potential to rise quickly in TripAdvisor popularity charts.

Just like trying to rank your business in the search engines, trying to rank on TripAdvisor takes time and effort. However, helping the algorithm understand why your business should rank all comes down to a good combination of quality, quantity and recency. Achieving this means your business deserves a higher spot on the TripAdvisor popularity list and gives you the best chance at standing out to millions of potential customers.

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