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For the Record: Interviews with the creative industry

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With the Bournemouth creative industry rapidly becoming renowned for its hotbed of talent Adido was delighted to be featured in the recently released For the Record, a book co-created by Think Create Do, Bournemouth University and Bournemouth Council. The stylish vinyl inspired publication is a collective of interviews from the local creative industry and agencies on the South Coast.

The book was distributed at That’s The Way To Do It a one day conference where industry experts, including Adido CEO Andy Headington, were given the opportunity to hear from many of the people featured in For The Record.

For the record


If you have a copy of the book you can find the interview with our head honcho on page 4 or read the interview below…


What do you do?

We work with attention worthy brands to create digital encounters that enhance people’s lives and captivate audiences.


Why would clients choose you?

Clients choose to work with us because we really do spend understanding the people that they want to connect with. We approach the work that we do from a user first point of view and understand their lives and how best to get their attention. We appreciate that people live busy and fragmented lives and that they have problems to solve, not adverts to read. We position the work we do as a means to an end and try to make people’s lives better through delivery of more intuitive and engaging experiences.


What is your opinion on the future of your industry?

The world is constantly moving and evolving. People’s behaviours are changing all the time due to the developments in technology and this poses huge threats and opportunities to businesses everywhere. I really don’t think that most businesses have caught up with user expectations. I think the future lies more in understanding people than technology and that businesses should really get a deep and rounded understanding of who they want to communicate with and why they are worthy of attention. Pushing ads and selling on price isn’t going to cut it in the future.


What will be the biggest threat or opportunity to your industry in the next 18 months?

Whilst a lot of people will say bots or VR/AR or something else currently trendy, I really think those that offer the best user interface and offer frictionless (or simple) solutions will win out. Uber works because it’s so bloody easy to use and just works. Millions of people subscribe to Amazon Prime because it’s easy to do so and they know things will arrive safely and quickly/ The internet offers so much opportunity which I think has yet to be fully exploited. We are just at the beginning.

Adido For the record


What’s the most exciting / interesting thing you’ve seen recently?

I might be contradicting myself here but the Meta AR platform looks truly revolutionary. The ability to create your own digital world to enhance your analogue world through a simple piece of unobtrusive glass across your face creates all sorts of possibilities. The best example is to be able to see your desktop screen and work on it without it being there. This has massive implications. It’ll be years before that sort of tech is widely used but it’s amazing to see what is coming up.


Bournemouth is one of the UK’s Top 10 digital hubs, why do you think this is?

Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s the beach right? I genuinely believe it’s one of the best places to be in the world when the sun is out. For people looking to better their lives it really is great in so many ways. I think it’s attracted a lot of like-minded people in the last decade and thanks to the hard work by the local creative community coming together for a greater good, we’ve been able to build something special and lasting. It’s also great to have the council and other organisations involved to help us go to the next stage both locally and to the wider world.


Find out more about how Adido can help you cut through the noise, apathy and overload to connect with your audience www.adi.do/approach.

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