The latest installment from my mini series on SEO tips is how to be strategic with blog writing.

Blog writing can be very free-flowing (e.g. you post what you feel like or its a newsworthy piece at the time) or you can be strategic with it. You could consider using it to support your overall SEO performance by tackling long tail phrases for their own ranking merit, or giving authority boosts to your core landing pages. I talk through three main aspects of how to think more strategically about blog writing in this latest episode.

Three key components when writing blogs for SEO

  1. Open up new avenues to drive organic traffic through keywords not targeted elsewhere on your site already
  2. Think about the the objective of the blog once people get there. What do you want people to do next, what is the next step in the conversion funnel, and how do you get the user there?
  3. Support the rankings of the commercially focused (core) pages through keyword rich anchor text and internal links.
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