At Adido, we love welcoming new clients onboard to help them with their digital marketing requirements.

We’re delighted to welcome B2B Quote Tenders who have been established since 2006 and invite over 325 businesses to join them every week.

B2B Quote Tenders make finding tenders easy for all kinds of businesses. Their tender sourcing team work tirelessly introducing companies to over 2,000 UK Public Sector sources which they have access to, publishing over 200 new tenders each day.

This is an extra special win for us, as we have been a client of theirs for quite a while, and thoroughly recommend their service. We are excited that we can be part of their digital marketing plans for the future.

Their Google Ads account has been managed in-house for a long time, and although it was attracting customers, costs were increasing and they wanted to question whether spending more money was the most effective strategy, and whether they could improve conversion rates to combat increasing CPCs. Likewise, they wanted to know whether they could achieve more by improving their organic marketing efforts and diversify their lead acquisition. So lots of possibilities to explore!

Finally, with a lack of confidence in the data being recorded, we needed to diagnose and fix immediate issues. They know that they need to improve data intelligence and close the loop between leads and customers by source in order to have a more accurate picture of their ROI, so we're looking forward to tackling this challenge too.

Over the next 12 months we will be helping to manage both their SEO and PPC activity. We’ve already started reviewing their Google Analytics to fix any issues and make sure that we’re tracking page views and goals in the correct way, and we've started with great enthusiasm on their SEO audits, getting under the skin of their keyword strategy and technical health.

Welcome onboard B2B Quote Tenders!

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