2020 was the year of working from home, and currently 2021 is looking to be very similar. In order to keep our minds and bodies healthy, it's important for us to get out into the fresh air and take a break from our screens.

Whilst many at Adido embraced life in 2020's lockdowns with a renewed vigour for exercise, some even tackled running 5k for the first time, the onset of what appears to be yet another challenging year for all of us, it's even more vital for our team to stay active, take breaks and get some vitamin D from being outside every once in a while. Whether it's a walk (or run) at lunchtime, a pre-work walk around the block with a coffee, or perhaps a walk and talk meeting during the day, grabbing that opportunity to escape from our homes should be encouraged and rewarded.

We have therefore launched a new initiative for 2021 to encourage our team to get out and about during their working day, and whilst doing so we'll be giving something back to charity too!

For every mile we walk (or run) in 2021 Adido will be donating £1 to charity.

This year we have decided to support Dorset Mind, a charity committed to helping local people with mental health challenges. They educate, they challenge mental health stigma and inequality, and they promote recovery by empowering individuals to develop resilience. A worthy (and apt) cause we hope you'll agree!

To keep track of our progress we've decided to bare all on Strava, and have set-up our very own club. Check out Adido Walk for Mind on Strava.

A snapshot of our latest activities

*don't judge us too unfairly if you're looking at this on the first day of the week!

Here's a sneak peek of what our team have been up to recently

All support appreciated as we keep up the momentum and motivation throughout 2021.

No doubt we'll be posting some of our experiences on our social platforms using the hashtag #adidomind

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