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Adido’s Birthday: Lucky Number Thirteen

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Last month Adido celebrated its thirteenth birthday. To celebrate we took a few minutes out of the daily work schedule to take a look at our accomplishments over the past year:

A new era of Adido

There’s one very obvious thing we have to address, and you’re staring at it right now. Our website and all our assets were rebranded in March 2016, giving the whole agency a shiny, sexy and slicker appearance. However, beauty isn’t just skin deep. We redesigned our whole approach to be the first Attention Agency. In today's crowded digital world our clients need to stand out and be seen. We are experts at giving people the attention they deserve and so wanted to shout this from the rooftops via a new approach and brand positioning. 

Adido brand relaunch 

The need for an Attention Agency

Digital behaviours have changed. People now have attention spans that are smaller than ever and with more businesses online competing for space, there’s a lot more clutter to cut through to reach your audience. We started to explore new ways of working to give the most value to our clients, helping them give the most value to their customers.


Superior Digital for our Clients

The past year has seen Adido win a number of exciting projects from businesses who operate locally and nationally; Poole Lighthouse, Sydenhams, Hoburne and Bournemouth Borough Council to name a few. Not only have our projects been recognised within our own industry, but also in our clients’ industries. The Bournemouth Borough Council’s site received great feedback from users and also got ranked 2nd place out of all council sites in the country!  



As well as refining our processes with our clients, we also wanted to share best practice digital marketing to the wider community. Our Attention! The Digital Marketing Summit 2016 event in March featured Uber, Southampton FC, Barclays and more and brought together the best digital minds in the South for a day of insight on how to get your brand attention. These events were shortlisted for Best Event at the UK Agency Awards.

Following Attention! The Digital Marketing Summit 2016 came our Bytesize events, free events to help educate those in the industry to enhance their digital skills. More recently we’ve had our Attention! The Christmas Countdown event, which was great fun and educational too. Creating Christmas in the middle of July was an interesting, but the mulled wine helped to start to get everyone thinking about the festive marketing period. 

Events at Adido



Speaking of fun, we make sure we have lots of it. Many members of our team are part of clubs, and football plays a big part of it. Last year saw us take home third place at the Meetdraw Beach Soccer Tournament; this year we did even better (keep reading…).

Our team building weekend away was also a huge success, allowing our team to chill out and get to know each other better - the foundations of a collaborative team. Even still our company continues to grow, with new members bringing new ideas and energy with them. These can be found on the blog  - check it out!


We celebrated great work and great results for all our clients, including those that were recognised by other awarding bodies:

We went to the Wirehive 100 Awards with four nominations:

We had a great night and brought home the award for the Best Use of Search!

This year we are shortlisted for Agency Website of the Year and Techie of the Year (best of luck Mark Willis!) and were a RAR Digital Awards finalist for Best Strategy.

Our thirteenth year is also proving to be a great one too; in the first month alone we’ve gained Elite Independent Agency status from The Drum, putting us in the top 5 in the 1-25 people category. We also came second in this year’s #Meetball16 Beach Soccer Tournament. We’re going for gold next year. We’re confident this year will be even better, with new challenges and innovations within the industry. Watch this space!  



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